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Mang Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mang Shan, including the original Mang Shan dong, dong Li first, family dissolution and the Western Hills dong dong, dong 4 which is located in Hunan and Guangdong provinces of the border, Lin Jing-phase, linked by mountains and rivers, rock resistance in a deep valley, the vast Lin, Xian Yao situation has become Yao Han dynasties of the people and the birthplace of uprising base, but also repeated large number of troops Official suppression and massacre. Song Long-hing, 2002 ( 146), County Joint Li Yao Han people held uprising, has overcome Chenzhou, Guiyang, Ning, Guangdong even the state, Shao Zhou, the British state, Deqing, Zhaoqing, Hezhou of Guangxi, Wuzhou, and other counties, court An Fushi kung Liu Hunan were in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guizhou Province, 5 officers and soldiers to suppress. The first year of roads ( 1165) in August, Li led his troops back Mang Shan Ho dong, as a result of his men mutiny CAO Yan, Li unfortunately killed. Yu Yao in the Department with the help of the people to sneak into the valley, the struggle.

  23 Wu Ming-hong (1390), Miao Tan should Fok, head, back-to Du Mang Shan-based leadership Guangdong borders of Miao, Yao and Han people in the uprising, the large number of troops sent to the Official Mangshan suppression, all 48 of the Cave Hill 18 Jiuxi Yao Miao have been bloody massacres "Zhengchao soldiers, after the death of ten people on June 7," the original Yao People live in sub-Ping fern, as a result of almost killing, and into the ruins, they said, "must-Ping" (a fern Ping, is to "Ze-Ping"). Ching Tak-ming first year (1506), Qiu county magistrate has been reported in detail Han Chao Ping boss, "Kou bandits", cultivated neglect rural people move from Jiangxia Huang Fu, Yao Zhao were only mountain-top for 58 Mang Shan Yao Liang Shi, Yao has since been Mang move into the mountains, where a growing account. Masanori Year (15 10), Chen Gui garrison by the Department of State moved to Guiyang Yizhang, 2, 7 and anti-county, after the 8 by the county and the people from Xian Yao Yao Tong Mountain Creek pass, setting up post, fort, camp, Secretary Tong, troops stationed. Ching Tak 12 (15 17), Mang Shan, Western Hills, first-Mikasa Yao GONG Fu-wide leader, Li Bin, Liang Bogui, Yang Yan-rate Guangdong, Hunan border Yao Han peasant uprising, four attacks, capture counties. Qin Yu Shi Zhao Tingpai all gold, Wang Shou-ren ask the mobilization of Hunan and Jiangxi, Jiangxi, Guangdong Province, Guan Jun 3, and local armed campaign together, Zhuizhi Mang Shan, Zhai Shan-breaking 90, more than 3,000 prisoners Yi-Jun, Gong The whole, Li Bin, and other captured were killed, Yao Han people were once again brutally killed and looted. King of Qin Yao implemented after the first search-and-destroy, destroy ask both the policy and sent thousands of long Zou, Ding Shou-Chun Chang-sun, Hwang Chang-Chun Tai Shou-Luoshan, Liu Chun Chang Shou-shan ivory. Chongzhen nine years (16 36), Pro (Wu) Blue (Hill) mine Uprising link Yizhang County in Guangdong and Jiufeng Yao, "Xiao Ju million dollars", opening the poor, Yao Han unity of the people fighting, the first Chen Ke (state) Guangxi (Yang), following grams of Hengyang, Changsha, Guangdong and Jiangxi into the North, Zhao Tingpai Hunan, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangxi Province, 4 strength, the build-up Yizhang, Mangshan attack, with soldiers surround, but the people of the Han Jian Yao Indomitable, "officials have 10,000 soldiers, I have the mountains, I go to the enemy, the enemy I have to" operational policy, the fight continued up to 4 years. "Junji-ching 2002 (1645), Cao Zhi Jian Ming Fu Zongbing more than 10,000 soldiers Commission, a four-year winter by Jin Chao Ning, rehabilitation, according to Chen. Five years, according to customs dragon and tiger. Claiming to be Duke Value-for-appointed, Yong, Chen, Gui the official. Six years, screwed County, the taking of yellow sand, fence Lei II fort, killing more than Liuzei badly injured. Mang Shan Qing's Wai Ping-fern, to make food, the Jin Jian. "County study was of the view that the Department of Cao Zhi Jian Li impostor, the" Mang Shan Li died, "said. Li's home Die-Hill, Shek Mun, and so that the increase for the second-Hill, Shek Mun, Mangshan three said that the domestic historians have triumphantly time, many experts and scholars to Mangshan tracking survey. 11 years light (18 31) December, the head of Jiang Hua Jin-Long Zhao Yao uprising in Kam Tin, Mang Shan Yao most of the people to participate, Grams of the Blue Mountains, Jiang Hua county, Changde killed and admirals Hailing A Baoqing Society Ma Tao. March the following year, Roth cited Huguang admirals, Guizhou admirals Guan Jun Yu Buyun rate of repression, the failure of the uprising, most of the rebel army officers and soldiers hidden in the evacuation of Mang Shan. Xianfeng the first year (18 51) Chuqi August, the women leaders in the Shaw Wang Mang Lau Tong Wan-day, Tong Fong Ling to mobilize people and killed one garrison Official Zhao Hongbin, Zhang Lingyun thousand of the total gross Towey, the additional 1 Bingding and 11 of its sonic booms court, not a few days Official backlash crazy to send more troops, the Wang Unfortunately, Shaw captured the murder. Since then, Bingshi after another, often to Guanjun Mang Shan Jin Jiao, Hunan Luo Bingzhang to ask Mang Shan Xianyao situation, as the special zone, militia supervision, 000 Mission Wing, all the people of Yao dong only 400 households, the Office of Mission Yang burden on the people. In time, the official looting gangs frequently Mang Shan, often war. Mang Shan Paradise Bay, Ho, Xie, Yuan Ling, the village south gate, Xiao Huang family was anti-bandit Torn, the man who killed Yao people, burning houses, abducted Rending, looting property. Mang Shan Chuang Fu Wing Mission, raise the standing of 20 soldiers, soldiers prepared to 40, soldiers of all expenses

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