Thursday, January 15, 2009

Qishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qishan, formerly known as Phoenix Mountain. Nanyue one of the 72 peaks. Value is located in the south, Hengyang, the Qidong County at the junction of three, 570.6 meters above sea level. Qishan there are more than 400 species of plants, China's precious gene pool of plants and plant specimens Park, southern China is also a well-preserved primitive forest meeting. Beautiful scenery, graceful Xiuse, cool summer Warm, like fairyland. There are famous scenic Zhuo. In the mountains, "Ren Wan Shui Temple" horizontal inscribed board for the Royal Secret Inspector Qing Emperor Guangxu. Empress Dowager Ci Chin-luan pen drive. Since the monks gathered in history, men and women, an endless stream. Temple also well-preserved "thousands of pot" and the "pan 500 people," an all. Siwaibaihan Tallinn-30 Block.

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