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Sea Court - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sea Court - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Macau, Matsu Court is an important attraction. It is located southeast of Macau, Hill Pro sea, surrounded by pines Cooper, a resplendent classical Chinese architecture is very striking. Qiaojiao cornices, Diaolianghuadong, stone lions guard the entrance, the pagoda-Genei Diego. Door banners on the gold-filled regular script "Matsu Court," the words on both sides "De-Yu Zhou, Ze Sheng-min run," the couplet, a tribute to Matsu Niangniang min of the power of asylum.

  Court Matsu is one of Macau's most famous scenic spots and historical sites, has more than 500 years, the three major Buddhist Temple in Macao is the oldest one, located in south-east of Macau, was built in 1488, when the Ming Dynasty. Kok Hau Temple, commonly known as Matsu and Fujian Putian is a legend, Tin Hau, also known as Mother, be able to predict good and bad, often after the death of the sea appeared to help fishermen and misfortunes problem-solving businessman, saved the day, people in Fujian and local residents was a common site in Li Miao live.

  Into the door, in St. Paul. There is a "stone "Niangniang for Matsu statue, there is a couplet on both sides.

Meizhou tracer Shan Qi-sheng over 36 days,
Lau-fong, Guangdong East Austin Baiqian Wan-wai contains strong light.

Couplet from the mean can be seen. Matsu worship here Niangniang from Fujian Putian Meizhou. Qing Dynasty Long the early years of "Macao mind a little", on account of the Matsu Court said: "It is said 10,000 took out, Jia Min-Ju be hurricane ships, very dangerous. Goddess see the Russian side of the Hill stand, a boat was security. Li Tianfei temple worship, the name of their mother for Ma. Mother, also Tianfei Min. "Although the story is not new, but it clearly says This temple is built in Fujian.

There is also a popular legend, Matsu hometown in Putian, Fujian businessman boat came to Macao to do business, all of a sudden encounter on the way big storm in despair, Putian these people naturally think of their hometown of Mazu Niangniang the gods, so that they could both on board Down Pray for mercy made Niangniang Matsu and deliver them from the disaster. Matsu has appeared as expected, the storm gradually recede, who has been out of danger. In order to thank God Jiukujiunan Matsu, they raise funds in the Macau waterfront in the construction of the Court of Matsu.

Legend of Macau Tower is the first Matsu were created in Putian, Fujian, A non-story. Ming Dynasty in Fujian Putian, a generous man who, after regular business to make money to people Zhou Ji, and in the village do a lot of public good, quite civil word-of-mouth. There is a typhoon season, he was eager to do business in Macau goods, temporary set sail from time to time request an old lady by boat counterparts, Putian is not only home owners feel, not to refuse. As a result, she agreed with the board to Macao. Set sail, surprisingly well, really smooth sailing, wind and the waves, one night reached the Court today, where the Macao Mazu port. Benign countenance of the old lady with a smile and say thank Road, slowly disembarking on the shore. Her landing , To walk as swiftly Gone with the Wind, now the seat of Matsu temples Court, the moment will disappear from the Chamber. Putian hearts of the people all of a sudden a light, the old lady is Matsu Could it be the incarnation of God?
She was on board the boat to protect him run so smoothly. So he invested all of a sudden disappearance of the old lady in the place where the construction of a Matsu , Thanks to Matsu's Hu You Niangniang. This is the Macao Mazu Court as early as today, the embryonic form.

More than 400 years ago, the Portuguese arrived in Macao people, in front of the temple opposite the landing of the Cape, noted that there is a temple, local residents asked the name and history, a common misconception that people refer to the temple, it replied that "Ma" People who made their "MACAU", became the origin of the name of the Portuguese Macao.

And the annual Lunar New Year on March 23 Mother gave birth to a view that the Court Matsu incense at a time when most of great prosperity. Midnight on New Year's Eve, many men and women worship and praying to come one after another, both within and outside the temple, a lively, and gave birth to a view After the open space in front of the temple will put up a shed as an interim stage, the stage play God Su.

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