Monday, November 24, 2008

Buloh Bay Recreation Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buloh Bay Recreation Area located in the Central Cross-Island Swallow Bay Buloh near Taiwan on the ground, 9 km east Gorge, Tienhsiang to the West about 10 km. Taroko National Park Administration 3-year time-consuming planning, provision, in order to preserve the mountain heritage and to display the theme and provide accommodation and tourist trail Probe into the open, in the hope that this land Exhibition for the National Park along the Central Cross-Island Recreation Area heart. Bamboo structures in order to design beautiful bamboo-Atayal, located in the Bay Brokaw came to power, a total of 25 bamboo, there are 20 tourist accommodation, the dome into other dance hall, restaurants, art, cultural relics exhibition hall The main purpose of the return of traditional Thai Held by aboriginal people's way of life, the performance of aboriginal culture, in the vicinity of bamboo around the bamboo, peach, plum, cherry Hill, Liquidambar, Qingli scene. Hours: Exhibition Center 9:00-11:00,13:30-16:00 have Atayal woman weaving performance. Xinhua : (03) 8612521,8612528 traffic information: go to the direction of Hualien, the banks need to go before the tunnel on the left side of the mountain Cha Dao; would come from the direction of Taichung after a tunnel from the right side of the mountain Cha Dao.

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