Monday, November 24, 2008

Horqin Grassland - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Horqin, the Mongolian word for well-known shooter. In the past, Genghis Khan is Erdi Shihab Ha Saer plans under the jurisdiction of one of the nomadic area, located in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, in the terminal Songliao Plain in the northwest, including the Xing'an League as a whole and in some places in the city of Tongliao. Horqin grassland and Xilin Gol grassland north-phase, the Hulun Buir Grassland east, to Vast and rich resources. Horqin Grassland greater area of natural pasture and nearly 20,000,000 (only), Red Bull Horqin, Hung Yen and Mongolia fine wool sheep.

Horqin grassland is rich in water resources, chaor River, Tao River, the river, such as 240 large and small Huolinhe Morin flow and the temple, John Gali, qarsan more than 20 large and medium-sized reservoir. Horqin types of freshwater fish, meat, pollution-free water breeding, fish out of the year reached 3,000 tons.

Horqin grassland has a long history, culture goes back to ancient times. At present, there are surviving relics in the ancient city of the Liao Dynasty, Trench on behalf of the community, the flag will be ten Horqin League to the former site of the temple and, more than pagoda.

In the Horqin grassland has been Daqinggou, Shan Khan, the Horqin grassland wetland nature reserve and other countries and regions of protected areas.

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