Monday, November 24, 2008

Maizuru - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Maizuru at Mizuho Township in Hualien County, Hualien and Taitung is located in the hub of the road, the maizuru pillars to the early years was known for the Government to develop the hillside, the system is set up to promote the professional area, the village has become the maizuru a scenic tourist area. Maizuru pillars of the most famous scenic spot of the maizuru pillars for a pair of unique high-rise pillars, Zhang Yu Gao, for the Arab-Israeli Prior to the development of the people of the east remains, thus overlooking the Hsiukuluan River Valley and the other side of the mountains, beautiful scenery. Tourism is also the maizuru tea for visitors travel tours, the culture-delicious-day Cape mellow tea, aromatic fragrance, unique. On the distant relative of the crane Okamura, black tea produced in Tsuruoka, famous. Another beacon in the regression line on the left side of the road, stand standard tower Tropic of Cancer, and building materials in green and white background appears to be particularly eye-catching highlight. Traffic Information: drive: from the south of Hualien ? ? Jian Feng Ting Fenglin ? ? ? recovery Mizuho straight Wan. Ride: ( ) On board the passenger Hualien, Yuli to the rich, train, get off to the maizuru village. (2) by the Taipei travel to the North Link Railway Mizuho, the maizuru interchange to get off the village of Kedi

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