Monday, November 24, 2008

Hualien Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hualien County is located in the eastern coastal strip, on the verge of the vast Pacific Ocean to the east, the west is a large column of the Central Mountain Range. Hualien caught in the mountains and the sea between East and West County Kuanjin 27 to 43 km, 142 km-long north-south but, second only to Taitung in Taiwan's second "long" County. Hualien County area-4628 Km, population 360,000.

Alexander big water, Hualien make great natural beauty of the original, from North and South, across the Taroko Park, the scenic east coast, Hualien and Taitung Longitudinal Valley Scenic Area, Park Yu-shan of the four major tourism resources. Hsiukuluan River is famous for water rafting; In the meantime, dotted with Jade-like Carp Lake, a wealth of eco-Fuyuan Forest Recreation Area, the maizuru Yixiang tea platform, and other scenic spots, hot springs Mizuho, the Red Hot Springs, Antun, such as hot springs in the mountains is like a clear spring travelers to wash away the dust. And the growing leisure agriculture development in the next valley will become a major tourist areas.

Ethnic groups Color is rich in Hualien County's largest human characteristics, mainly for Taiwan's aboriginal Ami of the largest Aboriginal tribe, is said to have emigrated in 2000 from the former Malays and the proliferation of Health; every year on 7, 8, the tribal harvest festival to attract Many people come to watch, Hualien is the most important event in the humanities. In addition, the early set There are the Atayal, Bunun and the plains, of all ethnic groups traditionally lived a life of hunting and fishing and live in a cave. After the Chinese gradually.

Due to the development of late Hualien still has the original scenery: majestic mountains to hide in the weather, the pastoral valley were seen flying clouds, an increasing number of people in Hualien Take concrete actions to protect this piece of "Taiwan's last pure land."

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