Friday, November 21, 2008

Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park East Park Sheshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East Sheshan 72.4 meters above sea level, covers an area of 850 mu. Park Attractions: Mekong fishing Angeles, Zhaoqing Temple, Shi Ziyan, Muyu stone washing Xinquan, riding a long weir, Xiang Quan Buddha, Butterfly Garden, Garden birds, beach forest, such as TOWER.
Mekong fish Angeles: She Shandong in the east the southern slope, so there are around Xiushui Rocky River Stone and processes. Chen Jiru the Ming Dynasty have been living in this hermit, from time to time in order to free fishing for the music, named.
Stephen wash heart: She is located in east Singapore shanxi, is a legend, the North Song Xingguo three years by cutting Cong Road. Stephen out of the Buddhist name "I yuan," said. It is said that this spring water to drink, wash can be reached realm of the heart. So far this water-chuen Qinglie.
Long ride weir: East Sheshan south of the stone steps of a stone, as if riding a dragon named after the Shan Pui, Blot out the Sun Road on both sides of the shade, quiet environment.
Butterfly Garden: East China's largest outdoor Butterfly Garden to watch.
Birds Court: She is located in the East Shanxi Lu, currently the largest collection Branch , To watch the birds in one spot. Court birds mountains towering as high as 20 meters in the 20-40 column, nearly 30,000 square meters of steel polyethylene-wide bird Court. Court, there are more than 50 rare bird species, only 5,000, of which the national primary and secondary protection of nearly 10 kinds of birds, you are a good holiday and leisure Department

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