Friday, November 21, 2008

Shanghai Shooting Club - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Shooting Club - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pudong's play shooting Co., Ltd. (also known as: Pudong Shooting Club), there is a good real estate development on Haibo Co., Ltd. and Hainan's Park (Group) Co., Ltd. Liaison Office of the domestic joint ventures. It is located in Shanghai, the coastal tourist resort east of the first, the natural environment is extremely favorable, is set for national defense education, leisure, Negotiate in one of the modern, multi-purpose venue. AAA won the national title-level scenic spots of tourist attraction, and Shanghai ranked the top ten leisure attractions and the Shanghai National Defense Education-the-art unit.
Club covers an area of 620 mu, of which there are: a full range of firearms, live ammunition shooting range, paintball guns shot confrontational Field, Field bomber grenades, military training laser guns, high-speed boats, Charlie Ball, Long Road, wheelbarrow, fly away wall wall and watch the sea, fishing and civil defense projects, such as education and training for people to provide a new and unique, exciting and romantic Heaven and Earth activities.

?? ?? square meters of giant lotus viewing area, Shanghai District unique landscape in summer, a petal 270 of the Yi Lin Peony, is attractive, abundant charm. In addition, the club also has a capacity of 300 people dining at the same time the gun Seafood City Hall and small multi-purpose conference room for business meetings, conferences provide an ideal place.

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