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Ting Lin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ting Lin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinshan County, located in the Town Pavilion Huating Road 55, east pavilion Town People's Government, Ting Lin for the South Central Primary School, I wish the west by the family of Hong Kong, bounded by the Huating Road. In 1995 the whole area of 11,200 square meters park, 6 workers, from November 8, 1995 to officially open at the end of 50 days, about 20 visitors 0 views.

In June 1985, Jinshan County Planning Commission approval of the Town Pavilion building in People's Park Ting Lin's plan, the budget investment of 947,600 yuan. The following year 16,400 square meters of land, of which 14,000 square meters of farmland, the town of 2400 square meters of land, demolition works 2156 square meters. Urban Park, Xie landscape design institute fun, Qin constitution for the overall planning and design of green, the Town Pavilion Building Construction Corporation. In 1987 the completion of the house to wish Hong Kong revetment, part of the garden and pool revetment, three Quqiao, shiting, scaffolding, as well as roads, sewers and other projects. At a cost of more than 650,000 yuan After the park funds as a result of factors such as the defers. In view of the park has begun to take shape, and the local population and the urgent need for an open place, the town government decided in June 1987 free of charge from the outside world. In the second half of 1994 to 1995, the municipal garden Authority funding 150,000 yuan, the county government allocated 10 Yuan, the town government more than 60 million fund-raising to continue to complete the park's other projects. That had been expropriated and relocated as a result of Wu Yu-owned factories to build the park for part of the town by the Government to the arrangements for the other factory, now there is a park with an area of 11,200 square meters.

Park got up to the central pool as the central, all-in-sik Park Landscape mainly for decorative purposes only a small number of buildings. Hyacinth pond 70 meters long from north to south, the northern part of the widest point for more than 30 meters in the south for more than 20 meters, with around Yellowstone revetment, 24 meters long to build back the 3-stone bridge. Zhou Chi explants Weeping peach, weeping, Begonia, Huang Xin, and so on. Park, south-east have Tinglin ancient cultural sites. 1966 Park site in the southern part of the land was found on the Liangzhu culture site, clean-up area of 125 square meters. Mining in 1988 when the pool got up, went on to found lower for the Liangzhu culture, for the upper, Zhou, Tang, Song and cultural sites, and to establish the location of the protection of monument signs, the Central monument within a radius of 200 meters is the scope of protection. Monument Yue interested in kiosks, hexagonal, pillars, covering an area of 12 square meters. Park, southwest family wish by the Hong Kong Department shiting a square, home of Shu-ting, covering an area of 9 square meters. North Park mound on a variety of mixed planting of trees, Hill is under 2 large lawn, lawn of the home 2.5 meters high, 2 meters long and 1 meter wide of the open-screen peacock stone.

Public The main tree species for camphora, Chi Shan, Liu, Yu-lan wide. There are a greenhouse in the park, covering an area of 45 square meters. Next to the greenhouse there are a small piece of land used to cultivate the garden of bonsai, potted plant. A total of 1143 trees in the park, trees and shrubs on the ratio of 1:0.87, evergreen and deciduous trees on the ratio of 1:0.35. Children's play facilities have battery cars, inflatable bouncing, Jiaota Chuan, boating and so on hand.

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