Friday, November 21, 2008

Shanghai Wai-lam, eco-League - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghai Wai-lam, eco-League at Songjiang District of Shanghai Jing-dong town, is a modern agriculture, eco-tourism, urban agriculture and tourism as one of modern agriculture Limited. It is a joint investment by Taiwan businessmen and the construction of the village, a joint venture.
Last 5 years, is now a land area of about 3600, Chinese and Western King Department of dozens of modern farm. Water network criss-crossing the park, water features superior resources, and seedlings have been planted more than 280, up more than 100 the number of 10,000. Another nearly 20,000 square meters of modern agricultural technology center, the center of the subsidiary rooms, catering, entertainment, and other services for guests to visit to discuss Business needs, but also for tourism and leisure visitors to live in small communities in the villa.
Hua Qiao is a head-on into the dense forest. Jade everywhere inside the farm, the second road next to the green belt is a pleasure to look more bridges to create a comfortable atmosphere. To set up mainly of natural scenic spots, getting back to basics, so that visitors can Access to water, sand, with trees, grass and integration, Shen Lin natural feel. In the Bamboo also has opened up a national characteristics of the culture village.
Park, many tree species, introduced from Australia Acacia trees, and many of the Millennium tree, Ginkgo biloba tree living fossils, ancient camphor tree, and so on.
Young people to consider Chang needs to develop their awareness of science and technology, we hesitate to spend money,
To draw a great deal as a regional model, the mode of the sea base. We have the model aircraft and the Shanghai Association
Co-operation in the park for the construction of the game with the model airport. Will meet in Shanghai and even the whole
State model of sports enthusiasts, They come here to hold a variety of levels of competition model.
We are also fully take into account the public's need for various types of exercise, the use of the trails in the park, and built a foot massage fitness Road. In addition, the system will be tennis courts, swing, car, and other fitness facilities for exercise, the mold.
In order to improve services , We have invited from Taiwan, "in view of management consultants" to train our staff at all levels. Support for the development of the western region, with Kunming, Yunnan Cooperation in Running Schools vocational schools so that they will learn to use some.
We have also cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, set up to display agricultural technology and training base. Cheng meet in Songjiang Anniversary of the 1250 campaign, we would like to do its modest, with an open mind to learning Brothers unit, complementing each other, based in Songjiang, Shanghai-oriented, open up markets at home and abroad, as do a good job in Songjiang District of Shanghai tourist attractions in the article, Songjiang for the economy We have to take off.

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