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100 wells - Chinese tourism scenic spots

100 wells - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Etuokeqi in the territory of the "100 wells" is an age-old mystery. 100 wells, said the Mongolian "AO et treng Danube on its ga sound", speaking in Chinese that "many of the dogs well." Inner Correspondents Etuokeqi drove to the public on its 100-Ga Rural Village, see the endless Pacific beam, a north-east to south-west of Au Yan Shen Strip, about 300 meters, 100 meters wide on the ground, distributed to about 10 meters distance between the start of more than 80 wells. Flag Committee Propaganda Department of Public Information chief, said Gao case that there are 108 wells, abandoned as a result of many years, has been part of the submerged sand.

Wells said that the 100 is a thousand Mystery, for three reasons. One is named after the mystery of Mongolian herdsmen as "the dog of public wells," This is what is intended? These dogs are a group of wells dug out of the plane? Or for a large dog drinking purposes? The second is how to dig out the mystery, 100 wells spread all over, Bai Shi-meter deep, more than 10 meters of shallow, smooth wall with no cutting of stamp Marks did not go down the leg bands, a hundred and one another through a layer of hard sandstone, the Seven Wonders of the Industrial Lumpur, who has the power of this? Third, 100 wells around for more than desertification of grassland, ancient and no advanced detection equipment, night in the layers of sandstone known, so there will be Oasis?

Legend, Genghis Khan was in the army cantonment here, a day carrying a large number of dogs in the grasslands Huangyangchuan rounded up, Paozi, fox. Day, hunting for people Renkunmafa, parched dogs, neither on the prairie and no clear spring water, Genghis Khan fiery impatient and ordered weapons great masters Yao Ma-on Leda to the fastest speed To find sources of water, drilled 108 wells, the immediate solution. Since then, local herdsmen said on this as well, "Lenz Ao Danube on its ga Hai sound."

We see that over the centuries, in order to prevent the blockage of sand, stones Leiqi punishable by well-head high about one meter circle around the parapet wall, still Keep in good condition, picking on the wall overlooking the underground, the faint likelihood unpredictable. Pick up a piece of pebbles into the wells, for a long time to hear the "boom" of the explosion, a vague float to the surface waves.

"100 wells" Mystery of the future, which historians or archaeologists to solve it?

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