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Genghis Khan Mausoleum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Genghis Khan Mausoleum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Genghis Khan Mausoleum is located 180 km south of the Baotou Branch of the Ordos City Yijinhuoluo territory of present-day cemetery was built in 1954, the country is one of the key cultural unit. Genghis Khan was Kim Ge Iron Horse campaign life, and once the territory of Mongolia to the west into the Central Asian region, the grave of his large-scale Magnificent building, just as proud of his record, people forget to look over.

The tomb of the main building is three hall-style yurts, a main hall, there are about 5 m high statue of Genghis Khan, behind the palace, there are three yellow satin cover the top of the yurts, the Temple of the West are on display was used by Genghis Khan's soldiers . The annual Lunar New Year on March 21, in the main hall of the Spring Festival, held a ceremony on this day, people come here from all directions, offer hada, incense and offerings for the most grand, after the end of the ceremony, also held in horse racing, archery, Wrestling and other traditional activities.

  Cedian two things connected in the corridors, painting Mural. West Corridor draw a major event in his life of Genghis Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan East corridor painted ---- Khan's deeds.

  Genghis Khan Mausoleum in the south-east corner, there are large current account Jinding, Cedian, the high-profile election Khan, grassland market, heritage museum, shooting range, of horse races, wrestling, and other field facilities Jinding large current account 13 meters high and 18 meters in diameter, is a Mongolian-style palace, and then view of Genghis Khan ascended the throne in 1206, when the scene. Throne hall and a portrait of Genghis Khan, has Dianwai 8 vehicles, 2 meters high wheel for visitors to pay respect to the viewing. Khan election that the high-profile 8 meters high, is a herdsman in the history of the Selection Khan, the antique building. Well, where Genghis Khan's mausoleum? Recently, the Xinjiang Museum of Archeology, in the northern Altay area were accidentally discovered a mysterious artificial modification of the "mountain." Zhang, an assistant researcher, said: "The South side back North Hill, each about a lake, there was a lake connected to the artificial river The mountain - and a half has been significantly modified, a number of soil from the bare rock and basic rock does not go. Here also found that the cutting of a hole large animal scapula, the bone of the apparatus being used for divination, and for many of the buried objects. "Although not yet carried out archaeological excavations, but speculated that Zhang:" This one Lead to a significant discovery "." According to the "Marco Polo's Travels" records, Genghis Khan's remains on the Feng An Altay mountains. "Italian traveler Marco Polo in his forward to the" Marco Polo Tours destroyed, "said:" In the monarch's coffin to the Altay mountains on the way, the convoy will encounter along the way by As a person who martyrdom. "China also recorded in the history books did not elaborate or say" emperor's carriage from Valley ", or to say" no child Han Shan. "Zhang believes that the" emperor's carriage from Valley "in the Altay Mountains, and Ching Hai County 3, and also here Is also the home of Genghis Khan. Contained in the history of Genghis Khan had six across the Altay Mountains, and Ching is Ancient Western Expedition army of a must. 3 in the vicinity of the sea, Genghis Khan was open when the Western Expedition of the four-lane path along the cliff, he was stationed Jun Zhang's remains, his father Shuanma speed of the pile. In this artificial modified 400 meters to the west of the mountains, there is a 20 m high, 78 meters in diameter base of the cone Tomb of rubble. Zhang: "Huang Yi, Yang Ping, and other experts believe that this is the grandson of Genghis Khan's tomb by your." However, in 1997 the State Council notice has been clearly defined, do not have the conditions to the tomb of Emperor Do not dig not dig. General to explore just some of the small and medium-sized tomb, And are found in excavation or damage to the infrastructure, belonging to the rescue excavation. Because of the large tomb excavation carried out, we still lack the technical conditions, the greatest difficulty is the shortage of personnel and funds. Therefore, protection from the point of view, they do not stay in the opening over the burial in a better, stable Munei State more suitable for preservation of cultural relics for a long time, at least for now the artificial environment is far behind the tomb of the natural environment. Experts said that even though there are a variety of reasons, the Altay Mountains on the "mountain" is the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, but really to be a "positively identified" it still takes time.

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