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Ordos Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ordos Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is located in the south-west, covering an area of 86,700 square kilometers, Taiwan is a land area of 2.5 times. It is the capital of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Baotou steel city grasslands of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to form the economic development of the "Golden Triangle." Ordos city has a long history and splendid culture. "Yike Zhao" (Mongolian) Han is intended to "temple", Yike Zhao City by the Chinese during the Qing Dynasty in the Ordos of the six flag-up special flag Wang Zhao and the city will formally named. "Erdos" (Mongolian) Chinese word for "many palaces", the name has Yike Zhao as a synonym for the city. Yike Zhao many of the existing city of precious cultural relics, such as Cengiz Han Tomb, "river-bend" old haunt, Zhu ditching cultural sites, Tongwancheng, 12, City Link, Zhungeer response, King Pine and sand magic ring And so on.

To the Great Wall for the community Ordos south Shaanxi, Shanxi Province, the formation of Qin Jin culture steppe and the North-South cultural blend of "Song of the Sea rural dance." Yellow River on the north shore of Hohhot, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Ordos and the formation of most of the rich "Golden Triangle" region. North-south and east-west north-south railway and highway travel to come to the guests The Czech Republic for other traffic.

The western United States have a Texas, western China has a Ordos. From the other side of the ocean archaeologists have found the history of the Ordos is much more ancient than Texas, more than long. The world's largest group of dinosaur fossils and footprints 35000 The former "river-bend" the place of origin, you will Kuanggu into the realm of long years. After a several thousand years of wind and rain across the North-South Ordos Qin straight from here vehicles swept Liuhe the Qin Huang went over to the iron railings of the Ge Jin Genghis Khan also went over, and Wang Zhaojun, Li Yuan Road, Sima Qian, from the Walk, walk ... ...

Paid respects to the mausoleum of Genghis Khan, Genghis looking up the image, and then reward unique characteristics of the Ordos Mongolian wedding ceremony performances, a taste of the Yuan Dynasty palace banquet - Ma-making feast of delicious, you will experience a horseback national ethos of the Ordos and unique Si culture, song and dance culture, fashion culture and food culture.

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