Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baizhang riverbank Shui Liandong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the middle of Yuanyang Xi Yi-yang area, as one of the wonders of the four Yuanyang Xi, the Qing Dynasty, Wu Yi-yang said, title or Chao cited "a time when tobacco into the water." Dong Tam cloth as a result of the former higher than the 150 meters, 20 meters wide, magnificent, is listed as "national Shui Liandong five of the first." Wet, it falls just a heavy, low-flow when decomposed into triple waterfall , The twists and turns have caused. The waterfall is characterized by wide, gap, moved far away from the foot and not halfway up the mountain runoff, which can accommodate more than 100 people. Visitors from the side of the hole are not wet, like Dragon King's palace tour. There are next to the waterfall look pregnant turtle God Vipera the Second ape and cut-stone waterfall and so on with King phase, like stone, "ah" not "ah", read "ah, a time when he Baizhang Spectacular extraordinary "10 words, the idea of Kit Kat. Shuilian Dong Hua Guoshan being created in preparation for artificial domesticated monkeys.

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