Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tao qianfoensis tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tao tower is located on both sides of the front of the Yongquan Temple. The thousands of ceramic pagoda, 6.83 meters high, in 1972, from the southern suburbs of Fuzhou Long Rui-shift temple, the temple town as a treasure. It is five years, Song and Yuan-feng (1082) Shaozao layered with clay, and then put together tired from the stack. Such Tao Shaozao to the pagoda, very rare in China The Tao of the tower to the east of "robbing the solemn qianfoensis pagoda", the west side of the "qianfoensis Xianjie pagoda." Two forms of the same tower, all nine-storey octagonal, each tower wall are affixed with a Buddha sculpture, 1078, the octagonal tower on the eaves of the Quartet are the Buddha 72, the hoisting of earthenware bell tower 72. Tazuo stone engraved with King Kong Book, Valve, such as lion, carved inscriptions on account of the construction time and donors, as well as the names of craftsmen built tower.

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