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Hot Springs Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot Springs Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot Springs Park is a European style with the leisure park, which is China Architectural Design & Research Institute of design experts at the beginning of the end of 1996 the construction, completion and opening early in 1997. The park covers an area of about 10 hectares. Glass pyramid as the center is divided into two parts, the northern half of the first half of the South. Mainly to the northern half of the artificial landscape: the ancient iron into about the source area, Camellia Park, sweet-scented osmanthus Park, Yung-fang Recreation Area, Pentecostal, and rare trees in the park, the tropical area, viewing area water features, shade and leisure areas. Southern Huguangshanse natural follow: mountains, lakes, islands, lush trees, Jade.

  By being To enter, in front of the pyramid is that it is the hot spring park at the center of the building, is Steel by the network structure of glass into the building, which is the base diameter of a circle of 70 meters, 40 meters wide base of the square, 28 m high tower. Its design was inspired by ancient Egyptian pyramid, the Louvre's glass France gold Tower also has great high. Within the pyramid is a multi-purpose hall. Through the pyramid, is at the eastern end of a can accommodate hundreds of open-air music square, on both sides of the square is composed of different plant designs, with a typical European style. Music Square is a major event organized by the main venue, built in the park for more than three years Inter, held here has more than 30 large-scale celebration activities, as well as a variety of performances, concerts and so on. Spring Festival each year, the parks are large-scale organized tulip flower show. Direct imports from the Netherlands in the first ball of tulips, about 300,000, during the Spring Festival, the colorful tulips open competition, the park has become Yu Hong ocean.

  To see that the path through the rose garden, rose garden roses open race, Chaziyanhong, people feast for the eyes. Ancient cycads have Tieshu Park, Fissidens iron, iron-American, Thailand, and other rail lines more than 30 Tieshu, the largest of the Millennium Wang Tieshu as high as 5 meters above; Park camellia cultivation of luxury Flower, 3 Nai province and outside the tea rarely seen; tall and sweet-scented osmanthus sweet-scented osmanthus Park to the center to form circular configuration, unique; Pentecostal, planted the seeds of EB-Jin Xiang, Feng Weizhu 13 varieties, elegant, easy-money Do not have a taste. West entered the door in the face of flowers is surrounded by a large fountain, a circular Fountain, its design inspired by Morocco in the former Imperial Palace fountain, fountain to the Hot Springs Park quiet environment a bit more dynamic, but also have a fountain of negative oxygen ions, the improvement in air quality. Whenever night fell, marked with lighting, the sparkling fountains suddenly become colorful, to the hot spring park King added a line of beautiful scenery.

  Through the small bridge, is a firecracker flowers by the wall of green, may spend as a result of firecrackers named after, when the spring flowering season, after another golden flowers, scattered on the walls decorated in green, like a string Firecrackers, as if a Martian like a deep, Xu added to the Garden Festive color. Follow the example of a natural park in the southern Huguangshanse, visitors to the display of one of nature's scenery, mountain, water, islands, lush trees, Jade, the originality of the small artificial waterfall, it implies a history of Hot Springs Park, a small waterfall in the top of the Stone block, Fuzhou, introduced the profile of Hot Springs. Yung-planting in the garden more than 20 kinds of plants, including HUANG Rong, the gold-rong, Qin benjamina, Ficus, such as flowers and cut into various shapes with the banyan model to display the "Rongcheng" characteristics.

  Rare trees in the park to introduce Ginkgo biloba, Sequoia bald, Keteleeria, yew, fir, cedar, pine lily, according to four , Altingia gralilipes, rare trees such as maple trees, Yue in the open scientific way; lawn of the shop to the lake, the lake shore and the high almost as much as possible fade artificial Fu Zao marks the revetment to make it more natural . Sui Bo waves in the lake water, red carp-by-wave Divertimento.

  Square pigeons are pigeons imported from Shanghai Dove field. In the blue sky, white clouds, green leaves in red, during which hundreds of pigeons flying. To the people around him in feeding the pigeons, doves and people close to the very cordial.

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