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Fuzhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuzhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuzhou is the capital of Fujian Province, has a long history of 2,000 years of state-level historical and cultural city, it has always been the busy commercial land, has become China's opening to the outside world's major coastal cities. Fuzhou has a unique style of the ancient city, and the Min River through the city, there are at the center of Osan Hill and two small hills, There are many parts of the city of 50 countries to protect scenic spots and historical sites; In addition, Fuzhou, also distributed a lot of water, water temperature, the characteristics of convalescence for the hot spring quality. Fuzhou is one of our major overseas Chinese district, 2,500,000 overseas Chinese around the world in more than 50 countries and regions; here is very rich in religious culture, the city has re-6 Buddhist monasteries (Yongquan, West Chan, Lin, and possession of, Wan, Xuefeng). Travel to Fuzhou, the general tour is divided into two lines, one to Yongquan Temple as the center line of Gushan, and the other is a center for the West Lake Garden line.

  Fuzhou is located in China's southeast coast into the mouth of the Min River to the sea, latitude 605, 11918 east longitude, is the capital of Fujian Province. Fuzhou is a subtropical marine climate, with temperatures of 19.6-years, the period of 326 days without me, 1342.5 mm of precipitation, with an average temperature of 77%. Mild climate, abundant rainfall, evergreen the four seasons.

  China's Fuzhou South coast port. 1137 km-long coastline, accounting for one-third of the province, along the coast and more natural Harbor, the famous horse hair since ancient times in China and Hong Kong and Japanese, Southeast Asia, the traffic on each port. Outer Harbor in Fuzhou Jiangyin, Panasonic, Luoyuan Bay, Dinghai natural harbor, and so on can be built on 1-30000 t to Bit. Spread all over the coastal islands, Pingtan Island is the fifth largest island, in addition, Langqi Island, Jiangyin Island, Lo Island, and so thick in the area of 10-50 sq km, the zone on the brink of all-famous fishing grounds of Fujian Province and central Fujian, and the shallow beach Which are very large, good water quality, nutrient-rich material, with development potential Fuzhou is located in the lower reaches of Min River, the Min River in water run-off amounted to 63,000,000,000 cubic meters, ranking seventh in the major rivers, fresh water rich in natural resources. Fuzhou, China is one of the three major hot spring areas, with hot spring water, water temperature, water quality, awarded in the city center and a wide range of characteristics. Fuzhou is a beautiful scenery, cultural meta-historical and cultural city, the city has been built in 2200. Gushan there, the West Lake, Shan Qing Zhi, Min River, river eel, Shizhu Shan, Guang Fang Yan, Xuefeng Mountain, the first Dragon King, Xiasha Beach, Lake 36 feet, and other well-known scenic spot in various 30; historical sites Luo spread all over the place, Hua Linsi, the Yongquan Temple, Kaiyuan Temple, the Temple Osan Min Wang, Lin Temple, Zhao Zhongci, Chongfu Temple, and so on. Fuzhou have long enjoyed a good reputation of snacks Min Cai, representing the Shoushan stone, bodiless lacquerware, and other traditional crafts.

Fuzhou fertile land, rich products, is well-known " Rural rice "and" Flower and Fruit of the township. "Hai Bang, citrus, olives, jasmine, hibiscus flowers, Li Furong renowned throughout the country. Industry categories, electronic, mechanical, chemical, textile, light industry, food, Plastics, footwear, as the pillar industries such as metallurgy. Since reform and opening up, economic construction and the continued rapid growth. Fuzhou is the first batch of 14 external development of the coastal port city in one of the jurisdiction of coastal cities and counties are open economic zone.

Approval of the State Council, also serves as the Fuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Rongqiao Economic-Technological Development Area, Free Trade Zone, Hong Yuan Investment Zone in Fuzhou City Business Investment Area, Fuzhou Development Zone, and other high-tech industries, in addition to a number of provincial and municipal governments confirmed the approval of the investment zone, the area to enjoy the national and provincial and municipal given a series of preferential policies. Fuzhou in 1997 was the approval of relevant state departments as Liangya Strait (Fuzhou) agricultural cooperation experimental zones.

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