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Xi Chansi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi Chansi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xi Chansi located in the western suburbs of Fuzhou Yue Fern Hill Village. Yue Shan is a small hillside, as a result of Fei-down slope, also known as Fengshan. Alchemy was the Southern Dynasties beam with a disability by the UN Wang Pa. Tang Xian Tong 2008 (867), so that the observed Li Wen Yan Chang-Tai Zen master to please Jiansi here, two years later renamed the temple, please, soon renamed the Yanshou Temple. Later Tang Dynasty on behalf of four Changxing (933), renamed the Temple Changqing, was after the war damage. Song-day Saint-year period (1023-1032) reconstruction, the five-year Jing You (1038) Albrecht, "Yue Shan Monastery Changqing." Fuzhou Dongnanxibei areas are old Monastery, Cisi in the western suburbs, it is commonly known as "Xi Chansi." Temple covers an area of about 100 acres, the Mountain Gate 3, King Hall, Main Hall, Fa Tang, Cangjing Ge, Ke Tang, manager of the ancestral hall, Zhaitang, Buddhist Church, the abbot room, meditation hall, Mingyuan Tower, Drum Tower 10 minutes, Garan, such as the size of Temple Hall Block more than 40, most of Qing Emperor Guangxu years (1875-1908) micro - Zen master in the Golden reconstruction raised overseas, the size of their home in the late Qing Dynasty, Fuzhou, five of the first Temple. There Yufo Temple Court, the Court Ming-yuan, founder lazy security tower, with Mami-ming, and other construction. Hanya send Park, will have a bright flowers and trees, surrounded by ancient Lai 300, as a result of different varieties of litchi, the difference in time ripe, "Li Yue Shan even more difficult," Yun was legendary, is also Under a lot of celebrity calligraphy and painting.


  Yufo Court in Xichan Si, worship Yufo 2. Pavilion for the two-story building. Sakyamuni Buddha-worship the ground floor, 2.8 meters high and weighing 8 tons; Wofo as the second layer, 3.7 meters long and weighs 10 tons. I take this lying Yufo two of China's two largest Yufo. United are on both sides of the Court said: "Yu clarified that the new pavilion Min Qiao good; Foguangpuzhao, Lai Chi Hung Chan is still a window." By Su Yuan Lei, Yu Yu, Lin Min, and other topics. Lai Chi Kok in the shade leaves, is quite spectacular.


  Ming-yuan Pavilion in the park sent for clearance Junji 2007 (1650) to create Lai Chi Hung, famous scholars, invited each other, gathered here Lai goods, and even more difficult Lai Lai Yong, Su said Fuga. The existing building for the three-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1877) reconstruction, Qiao double eaves, in the main hall for next to a room.


  Terauchi lazy tower having an Mami-ming, was built in 1952 in the flail spinulosa An founder of the lazy moved into the tower when the crash. Da-an monks were lazy, long stream of the Tang Dynasty Fuzhou, Fuqing County, joined the Civil Huang Bo Shan school discipline, after Jiangxi to visit Hong Zhou Shan Baizhang Baizhang Zen master Huai-hai, education, "Chan Men regulation", and then home Wei Shan, as a result of its large Wei. Tang Xian Tong 2008 (867) so that Li Wen invited to observe the construction of this Temple, Kaishanzushi, monks reach more than three thousand people at its peak. And three (883) Zuohua abbot in rooms, 91 World life. Mami-ming, this tower has been built Beiting. In addition, the temple a lot of cultural relics. In addition to Wang Liang's heaven, "Chong Xu concept", "white turtle spit-chuen," the site, there are lazy-an Temple Kaishanzushi Shi Ming stone tower Mami, Tang Seven wells, Master Hong Yi Fang Shengchi monument, the Zen Master Xue An Zhu Rongji to Baishou screen, Kang Xi Yu Bi "by pharmacists," Anonymous La monks blood Shanxie "Lotus Sutra" "Surangama." Xi Chansi in the history of Singapore also sent a monk two-term village temple, the temple Shuangqing Penang, Malaysia, Vietnam Nan Putuo Temple and other places the auspices of these foreign countries are also experiencing a boom fire temples.

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