Saturday, November 15, 2008

Main Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Main Hall is the core of the Temple. Hall 3 in the middle of Buddha statue known as the "III", and has said that in the past, present and future Buddha, plastic revealed in the first year of the Ming Dynasty. Buddha fine form, benign countenance, very vivid, and wore costumes of the Tang Dynasty, the resplendent. 2 hall 1 meter high Copper Fairchild small, two-head play , Left cheeks dimple, a Shoubao Xiantao, single-handedly carried flowers, naive expression is the beginning of this century, Fuzhou, P. art. III in the back of the Buddha, Emperor Kang Xi Qing iron-year period of three icons, the appearance of gold every respect jin 2300. 3 Guanyin statue form this elegant, fine workmanship, reflecting the high time Making process. An icon placed before the three-wire a wooden altar, said to have met the fire could not, water is never stale, the event was overcast tide.

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