Monday, November 17, 2008

Dongting Dongshan ring shui kan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jian water ring, the setting for Mo Shan Mao Feng-feng and water from the dock and sea hillside south, east and folded, along the tributaries of the Department of Water for people, the more it down, the water potential, the more urgent. Long Jian Wuli, like "A-train, left floating in the air." Every time after the rain, water rushing down, the stone layer, such as teeth, such as Wang Shu-liquid; splashing foam flying beads, Weiran spectacular. Multi-stone gravel, although the rapid flow, but clear as a mirror. Jianshui from a height, wind around twists and turns, through the village of transfer, in order to add the Dongshan town of endless color. Low-flow season, Jianshui trickle in a low voice, appears to be charming, beautiful and gentle. Jian cross-strait ring of water vegetation, fruit trees Mimicengceng. Jian has built on the bridge and Bridge. And Bibo Ishibashi and a clean seamless, water features King Bridge, complement each other. There are cross-old Jian's hut, from afar, like the Cangtoulouwei Hua Fang. Bridges, houses, trees reflected in water, delicate and pretty scenery of Jiangnan Water Village in front of us to do.

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