Monday, November 17, 2008

He Suzhou Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suzhou Ho Park, located in the Suzhou New Area, the Yangtze River Road, No. 461. AA national-level scenic spots. He Shan, the ancient name Cape Fu Shan, according to the biography, Southern Taizaixima He Qiu Qi, for some reason resignation to live in seclusion Hill, the younger brother after what point came with the implicit Hill, with the funeral after the death of the mountain, He Shan result Got its name.
Zhang Wang Temple in the mountains there are Honors farmers Yuanmo Zhang Shicheng leader of the uprising. According to Chang Su In the meantime, corruption reform, water-hing, Yao Fu Bo, education professionals, people Enze, the party blessing. Later won the miss.
Midnight membership of the newly completed well-known artist Xu Li sen Memorial Hall Pingtan, so that Ho Park and standardization in areas such as culture have been Improved, traditional culture has become a feature of the ecological environment and natural beauty of the suburban park.

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