Monday, November 17, 2008

Jinji Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinji Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West Lake in Hangzhou than 1.8 square kilometers of the Great Jinji Lake, Taihu Lake had just dumped a million branch. The opportunity to place it in Suzhou Industrial Park, the rapid escalation there are unparalleled bright: China's largest city park lake, called the twenty-first century, Suzhou, "a new paradise on earth" a symbol of big Title, a good high honor. It is backed by the human and financial resources to help the tripod.

  Dinis involved in the theme park planning and design of well-known U.S. company EDAW on Jinji Lake in the painting of a circle of 7.4 square kilometers of scenic Jinji Lake had built and is building a scenic feature of 8: Waterfront-space Lake City Plaza; Park and build a beautiful home of Linglong wan; full of ecological education of Lake connotations Kok Park; integrated public art and cultural facilities of the Water Culture Gallery; to water parks, a large number of green ribbon Boulevard And residential group consisting of Lake Avenue; a canal to connect the water network, regardless extension Shuicheng style of the neighborhood Water Lane; Boulevard Road and the canal water runs through the island's residential villa group Kim Tun Kyi; with lake sediment mud-built reactor to natural ecological protection areas, wildlife areas and bird-watching in one lake Wave Heart Island (on the island for the environmental holiday flats).

On one side is full of water Huguang Yan, a Grass is boundless, such as camphor trees, the following is Huaxiangniaoyu, is the blue sky and white clouds above.

Too many good, "Ficus erecta" Jinji Lake. Take a look at ourselves, we will swim with head rein to one's feelings of surprise and discovery.

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