Monday, November 17, 2008

Phoenix Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Phoenix Street, bounded by the East-West Cross-Island of go-getters from the Suzhou Road, south to hotels, restaurants and technology featuring Shiquan Street, less than a kilometer long. With the transformation of neighborhood, from north to south, one after another out nearly 20 restaurants, large or small.

These small restaurant, the tables are several dozen tables, with Su-based dishes, integrated Jiang, Sichuan cuisine, and other characteristics, with emphasis on dishes and side dishes of the production characteristics of the launch customers so familiar, more cordial, but the small containers, detailed Daogong, fresh taste, than the dishes is better than a raise of seasonal dishes , Is pushing out a new Chen.

Most of the restaurants on the Phoenix People around the square. In the evening, the lights in the restaurant and scattered high and low, quiet recreation of the public square into sharp contrast. Members of the public square is warmed with wine, talk a good place to go for a walk. The environment is a number of other street food does not have.

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