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Shiquan Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shiquan Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shiquan Street Park is located in Suzhou were the first North Canglang Ting, turnip from the East Gate Qiaotu Amway, the people of West Road, Three Square I, a total length of 1800 meters. Song because there are 10 wells named after the "ten-chuen", to Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong was renamed in memory of "Shiquan," after wind and rain vicissitudes of the Millennium, still retains the "parallel to the water and land, adjacent to Ho, River Road, "the traditional pattern of water and atmosphere. Inscribed around here with traces of ancient history and mark a long time: a dozen strains of old and valuable trees, the Nets Garden, Canglang Ting, South Park, weaving historical sites such as the House, Li source of Feng Meng, Ye Shengtao celebrities such as former residence, along with Ukraine Bridge, the city with bridges, brick bridge, the division Timor 14, and other antique small bridge, Shiquan Street, showing the rich cultural history.


  In 1992, Shiquan Street as a key project to protect the ancient city of the implementation of a comprehensive reform is expected to last five years, shows Fenqiangdaiwa, elegant simplicity, street pillow River, the reflection of the picturesque city of the new grid . In the street distribution of the Suzhou Hotel, South Park Hotel, Hotel South Forestry and a number of foreign-star tourist hotels, Shen Wu Xiu-long ancient emperor, Qin and Han Tong and a number of arts and crafts shops, tea Qiantang, Teng Purple House, and other leisure Chajiu Pakistan, set for the formation of silk embroidery, antique calligraphy and painting, the four treasures, crafts, small taste In one of the characteristics. Visitors to this beautiful, listen to Pingtan, look at this ancient Wu Yun, Section I deeply appreciate the neighborhood transformation of the graceful charm. Now, Shiquan Street, Suzhou has become a leading city of culture and leisure Street.

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