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Yan Yuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan Yuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changshu is located in the ancient city area, said: Qing Emperor Qianlong between East Court University's son, Jiang Pu people, the Taiwan Zhifu built by shu yuan Chiang, who at the beginning, "Jiang Park." Qi Zhi for the county magistrate after Chiang Tai-pei as a result of all, the famous Die Shi Yan Jin Ling Qing Ge Yu Liang Huang stacked a rockery, named "Yan Gu," Park as a result of "Yan Yuan." I said: Qianlong 45 years Fujian and Taiwan, Penghu, then observe and learn so that the government of Chiang Yuan-shu, crossing in distress, back in Changshu, may often choose to "return-yan," meaning, named Yan Yuan.

Yan Yuan covers an area of more than 4 acres, a strip of terrain, is divided into three zones. Entry into a zone, the use of direct (on the west side of the promenade) and the subsequent two corridors and cross the rocks, making Landscape deep vague, and admission is there a sense of profound uncertainty. East Park, a small folding side, lotus pond, "Seventy-two stone monkey" rockery, craggy rocks, there is another world. Particularly desirable from the gallery as the green light to import small bridge Shannan cents at the beginning of every other child, two look into the distance, deep sleep courtyard space and unpredictable. Rockery of the East have high or low wrong The brick staircase Xiuzhu with a "poetic", which tours into the North Tower poetry, and then into the boat for the Water stone, fine-sounding name of "boat to the horizon." After the five Chi-tang for the third district, the park is the master of life to live, is also used in a rockery and separated by five Chi-tang.

Park has "five Chi-tang," "House Poetry Award," and "three-Juan Room" The sky to the boat, "" Sin Tong at the beginning, "" Poetry "and" Yan Gu, "and" win argument Rock "and" cloud over the bridge, "and" to the Green Gallery, "" Autumn queue "," Rong Dong-old " "Penny Lane line kitchen," "Green Dream Lotus Om", "a Greek Pavilion," "House, 10," there is a "Yan Yuan" King's reputation as a 16. Jing Chu, particularly in the "Yan "Rockery most.

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