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Suzhou Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suzhou Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A top site of the ancient city's green heart, a Not-to-park tickets, a morning exercises and leisure "the best place to go." "Suzhou City, Chi," it reads: Suzhou park "Suzhou is the first modern park, known as the Great Park." Verify the source of the park can be pushed to the Spring and Autumn. From the beginning of the Tang and Song dynasties, the park has "spring to the people Pleasure. "Guangxu through 34 years (1908) map of Suzhou, in the stem-South Lane pond there, to open at reduced. Western value, then it was suggested in this building," the public park. "Piece of the future members of the public in Suzhou Life, an essential ingredient of "non-essential" begun to attract the attention of the enlightened gentry. "May 4" movement, people from all walks of life initiatives include building a library, hall, music kiosks, such as scientific and cultural facilities, entertainment and taste of the park. In 14 years (1925) Jiangyin business magnates in Shanghai Xi Ming E tax expense 50,000 silver dollar began to build. Suzhou first public post-secondary students in civil engineering surveying and mapping plan, and then hand French public board if the family-somme garden design. 7 At the end of the year is the first in the Central Park South Hechi built a castle-style two-story, four of the Library Tower. Pro pool hall on the eastern side of the "East Vegetarian" teahouse, built the southwest corner of the West Pavilion, South East Park pool production of "Moon", beside the pool repair Gallery, Wisteria Fenpi, planting 4,000 trees Age 20 and outside the city of classical gardens rarely open to the public as the city park was the only quiet place. April 1927 Organization of the Preparatory Committee for the Suzhou park, Yan ?? design fountain, planting grass shop, the same year, completed on August 1 and opening up city-wide sensation. In 1931, continue to dig in the northern ponds, planting Fish farming, planting the root causes of Lee donated by Maple 200, the top soil to build a pavilion on all sides, China and Germany were booths. At this point, several decades later to roam the Suzhou park more or less completed.

After the founding of Education took over the park. In June 1953, the Suzhou city government allocated a few thousand dollars renovation, the Japanese army destroyed in fire Library construction site of the bamboo pavilion, north lawn of the park into child care, children's reading room to Han society, as was the city's largest park. Since then, Park Lvjing structural adjustment, but the southern half of the park has always been to maintain flower beds, fountains and artificial style, with the northern half of the natural landscape of Chinese and Western-style planning. It can be said that more than half of the world , Suzhou Park Suzhou has become the cultural one of the carrier.

Beginning of the new century, Suzhou Park transformation reconstruction, and Xiao Ying looks bright million people. Park's two major features: the layout of the Western and all the trees and historical buildings are being modified to retain elaborate.

Suzhou gardens are particular about the "rationale of water stacked Hill", located in the city as a center of the park in Suzhou, in the first transformation in the "water" on an issue. Lotus Pond Park in the degradation of water quality in recent years, there have been eutrophication. In order to fundamentally improve the water quality by dredging a second by purification. The transformation of the ancient city from the river Inspection, the park's meandering river dredging after the permeability of the lawn covered with a brick. In addition to the pool at the bottom of the coastal region of the cobblestone paved, remains central to soil types of flowers. In addition, more than three million investment in the introduction of a cycle of water purification equipment, four or five days will be able to purify water again. Tian-tian lotus leaf, fish shallow Xiang , Water to the wind, people praise you park "Suzhou". Hibiscus Park Center Plaza, a wide flat, circular platform in the middle of the protrusion, 12 stone ball quite spirited. As for the pool that large ladder board, fine-sounding name hydrophilic platform, is used as a natural venue for water sports. Here, and every other pool Heart Island soil Shan, China and Germany are on the King-ting, on the right side of the bridge of peace, full of European-style architectural features of the teahouse, constitute the activities of the center, then pink wall in the shade of trees, is charming and moving .

  Green Park is the life. Suzhou Park forest trees, reinforced concrete has become the most complex The plane scene. To retain trees, planting flowers, grass is planning the design department's hard work. The principle of transformation is to increase the Stella color, reflect the diversity. Design the most out of color is to restore the sector of the South-mode flower pattern, there are more than 1,000 square feet, for the symmetry-rule in the north to the big screen for Cedar Red flowers, throwing Parkinson 1000, the evergreen box, such as seeds produced by the pattern, the novel, to give full expression to the construction of the early French-style garden.

Park Suzhou, an ancient city center of the Emerald. Covers an area of 64 acres, the Department of the Spring and Autumn Wu-city sites, Yuan Mo Zhang Shicheng for Palace, after the House was, Reduced to a wasteland, said Wong-waste, also known as the Palace base. Founded in 1925, completed in 1927, opening for a French-style gardens and natural landscapes blend of Chinese-style layout. More than 70 years of history, the landscape of the old facilities, extensive environmental and functional degradation of the morning exercises were overcrowded. For with public opinion and adapt to City of rapid urban development trends, Suzhou Municipal People's Government of its decision to conduct a comprehensive reform. 1800 million yuan investment from the Urban Landscape Design and Construction Authority and green, and ground-breaking on May 8, 2001. The renovation project maintained the original layout of Chinese and Western characteristics, China and Germany to retain trees and kiosks, Chai Yu Historic buildings; focus adjustment greening the environment, building flower beds, reflect the diversity of plants; converted teahouse, the main gym, and so on; updated lighting, drainage and irrigation, road system; new underground garage, water platform and Lotus Square; Hechi dredge and improve the Water purification, sports entertainment and other infrastructure; reduce the fence and into Park In one street. Both the complete work, the park environment to show their tolerance of the new, more beautiful than in the past, can be said Hull. Members of the public said the turn of the century, the Meteorology Series, Fang generations, for this case. Teller stone to mark the commemoration.

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