Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jiangsu Lung Group nilfisk - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiangsu Lung Group nilfisk - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Jiangsu Lucky Group is currently the largest and most advanced technology snakes health care products and cosmetics research, development and production and sales base. 2001 sales more than 1,000,000,000 yuan. Venture over the past 16 years at an annual rate of more than 35% of high-speed growth rate, at a steady pace.

Its operating Health care products, cosmetics, liquor, leather goods, furniture five series in more than 100 varieties. 1996 Long nilfisk powder was pure snake Ministry of Health approved the first batch of "statutory function of health food products"; 1997 - 1999 was the third consecutive year, "in Jiangsu Province famous brand products," the title; in 1998, lung power Group also adopted a comprehensive international ISO9002 Quality System Certification, nilfisk long been recognized as a trademark "in Jiangsu Province", the same year, Li Qi-long snake of pure powder and capsule Qian dream has been classified as "protection products in Jiangsu Province"; Long Lucky pure snake powder and cosmetics nilfisk long as "the Consumer Association of Jiangsu Province push Product. "In 1999, Li Qi-long snake of pure powder, such as the Ministry of Agriculture was 7 ministries identified as the" 99 China International Agricultural Fair brand-name products. "In 2000, Li Qi-Long Group adopted the ISO14001 international environmental protection system and the Royal UKAS The Committee approved the overall certification. 2002 Long Li Qi, "a trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as well-known Chinese trademarks. Nilfisk Long will be listed in 2004, to achieve further operating capital

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