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Hometown of Wang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hometown of Wang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hometown of Wang, referred to as "ri" and "Lane River Indus." Qin Mo is the peasant uprising leader of the military, "K-Swiss Nukiyama" hero of the West Chu Xiang Yu's Overlord was born. It is located in the southern suburbs of Suqian City places, the ancient Yellow River and the Grand Canal between the Xuhuai on the eastern side of the road.

According to Sima Qian's "Historical Records of this Xiang Yu Ji Record: "membership of, the following people, the word feather." Phase County, when the Qin and Han Dynasties to build, after going through the change of dynasty, easy to repeat its name to be called Su Yu Tang Daizong by Suqian.

Xiang Yu of nationality, the word yu, was born in 232 BC, since the death of his father, uncle Xiangliang to follow grown-up. Juvenile when he Lofty aspirations, build Wei, brawn man, his hands to lift heavy Legend has it that big tripod. Qibingfanqin at the age of 24 is the peasant uprising in the military heroic K-Swiss, dominated the figures. When Chen Sheng, Wu uprising failed, he cited Li Yi Qi, QIN break, the rate of feudal customs, the King of Qin to kill infants and young children, the burning of Xianyang, claiming the West King, the arrogant power and prestige. However, Liu Chu-Han and battle each other in failure, see Wu Yan Dong was elders, shame Wujiang Hydropower Ziwen died, only 3l-year-old.

  After the death of Xiang Yu, Liu Bang to build the cemetery to bury him in the river in Henan Gucheng County in the west. In the north-east of Wujiang County, Anhui Province, and Pu (that is, Wang Zi Wen local), built of Temple. Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, although a defeat into a, but not enough to success or failure of the Quiz. Xiang Yu heroic for the short life of the Song Dynasty poetess Li Qingzhao praise: "Health as Ren Jie, also died ghost-hung, Xiang Yu think so far, have refused to Jiang." Western Han Dynasty historian Sima Qian fully affirmed Xiang Yu Achievements, Xiang Yu said: "ridge-mu in the past three years, then five Mieqin leaders," the "place is not the end, might have also been Jingu." Xiang Yu brave anomaly on the battlefield, "Chen Mu Chi's , "The enemy" as the head dare not, dare not hand-made "and are usually" respectful of people see kindness "," if people sick, eating Tiqi drink. " Rural people, both in memory of the brave and the bold heroes in their place of birth - Phase Indus Lane built, the Square building.

Wang native place of the original have Square, Temple, a Buddhist monk care. Long history, has experienced vicissitudes, the ruined Temple Square in the early Qing Dynasty to injure, he went to the monks, the only ramp in the courtyard of Li and a large tree It got its name and "Lane River Indus," a number of ancient paulownia trees. Legend has it that the ancient tree for the planting of Wang's childhood. It is said that the dead tree, which is made from the roots of the weight, fat weight of the huge trunk has to be three or four people before He Bao. Guhuai north-west corner of a monument, 6 feet high, 2 feet wide, inscribed above the "hometown of Wang" In large letters, Cibei for 40 years, Kangxi (1763) by the county magistrate Wu Chun-li three. Legend of the local people, the Department is built Xiang Yu was born. The door is the home of the West, the monument is also a result-oriented Sai.

In 1931, the Kuomintang army in the northwest, Zhang Hua Tang division led the troops to stay, the cause of public-spirited, To promote a restoration of King's Hometown. Guhuai Caoting built in a tree, called "Huai Anting." Also in the hospitals to build 3 Office of grass, building of primary schools in order to safeguard the heritage. In 1935, Zhang Fan Suqian county, based on the original expansion. Directors are invited to squire chrysanthemum will be held in order to reward the name of ju-fed fund-raising, A "wind-British Pavilion." British Wind Genei, Xiang Yu in the annals of history-biography, poetry predecessors, when Ti Yong-hyun, hanging on display for people to watch. Around the yard, planting trees, pine, bamboo, Guangxi, all kinds of chrysanthemum flowers. Indoor range, to help Yaxing; fragrance overflowing hospital, Qinrenxinpi, is an excellent tourist destination. Outside Places to those who have visual impact to the native place of Wang. British Court on both sides of the wind was a joint; boundary hung doors, big heroes, which the success or failure of Customs; piebald horse Xi Yu, the kind of love, life and death is not easy. "Hengpi:" The situation kind of hero. "Shi Yong also said:" Ting-Ting Shi Temple Hejin, for passers-by look at the West Chu; BR had to go with the flow, and Wang who were not Hill submerged. "

  After new China was founded, the Party and the People's Government attached great importance to the history and heritage, the development of the program, allocated a huge sum of money, organization, dedicated to the repair of expansion has been to a considerable scale, is much higher now, a magnificent view.

  Into the native place of Wang In the face of a high-rise a tall stone memorial arch, a letter: "The native place of Wang", describe. As a result of construction of St. Paul in the ancient Yellow River, the main embankment in the construction, condescending, panoramic view of the entire complex. The architectural style of the Han Dynasty established the characteristics of residential areas, and the palace-style building. Room, Pavilion, Pavilion Qingwa are blue, Matrix canopies, solemn, magnificent. Pillars, Georgia fans, drawing a very fine carving. Around the walls were yellow, covering small blue tile, old, big-elegant.

Its main building for three Jinyuan La. Before the tall stone-Han Que, Xiang Yu's former home as a symbol of imperial specifications. Court to the United Kingdom Court as the main body, for Genei Xiang Yu tall statue. Qian Zhao Xiang Yu on the four walls reflect the life of 12 relief, such as Ding Xiang Yu Ju, Wu Qi Bing, burning his boats, rescue Julu Zhao, hosted a door hung, under the boundary to break through, and so on. British Court before the wind King Ding, ding 2.6 meters high, 1.9 meters in diameter. 8 tons of heavy, cast-ting on the inscriptions Description of the achievements made by the immortal Xiang Yu, a spectacular ancient, majestic momentum. British Wind Court has Beilang things, the IEC to Sima Qian, "Shi Ji Xiang Yu Ji the" huge stone for the well-known calligrapher QI Qing-long book. West Gallery for the well-known contemporary calligraphers to write the history of the famous poems of praise Xiang Yu. The third house into the garden for the court - , Former home to mark the front room, indoor as there is Yuji, a Department of outdoor palmatine, kiosks and a stone Wuzhui Ma; Ting Wai Shuanma a groove. Legend has it that the trough for keeping Xiang Yu Wu Zhuima used, to the present day, one must Wei. Canton Hospital pine and cypress-sik, the Indus, 4:00, as well as flowers. Legend has it that for the Na Zhu Xiang Yu was Guhuai Hand-Flocked, although the experience Thousands of years of ups and downs, the ancient Qi Shu Maung, old branches, but still Climb, Tingxiu flourish, it is made of exquisite feelings Sigu. No wonder an American botanist called it "the best in the world hoe."

Wang as the native place of key cultural unit in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau in Jiangsu Province as the main King . In particular the zoning adjustment, the withdrawal Jianshiyilai County, continued expansion of the renovation, substantial historical relics. Party and the government will also open lake water, construction of booths stacked mountains, planting flowers, and then repair to the east in its "as the Monastery", for the expansion of the native place of King of Park Lane, with a new attitude that it will meet the visitors.

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