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Zhu Jian Water Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Jian Water Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Water inside the building in the ancient city of New Street, a group of large-scale Chong Qing Dynasty residential construction, and this is a "Grand View Garden in South Yunnan," Zhu Yu's Garden.

  Zhu Garden Fusion is the end of the Qing dynasty Qing Zhu Wei brothers in the construction of temples and home before Qing Dynasty years, before and after after 30 years in Xuantong years To be completed. The building covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, of which more than 5000 square meters floor area, the main building was "three vertical and four horizontal" distribution of water to build a typical side-by-side row residents modular construction group. Premises in an orderly pattern, again and again out into the courtyard floor, including 42 large and small courtyard. The whole group of construction steep ridge cornices Diaolianghuadong, elegant fine. Hall courtyard reasonable layout, space and the rich landscape-level changes in the endless form a "labyrinth" buildings. When there is no single tourist guides, the door in the near future, we do not know where? Where exports? Liu great grandmother into the Grand View Garden feeling. Zhu garden courtyard houses and the construction of the structure, it is not difficult to speculate on what was the living conditions of the family of Zhu Shi.

  Southern Garden, sitting North, Chuihua population of the door. On the left side of the street's 10 "feet to stay flat" after its "Happy House, corner," linked the accountant was the supply of materials and space. On the right side of the former Family ancestral temple, for the period after the hospital. The ancestral hall in front pools, water sports stage, the Pavilion, the Court of shade trees and so on. Side of the pond on the right-hand column are 12 stone reliefs and poetry, calligraphy, art of great value. The owner must often invited to this gathering of literati, or on the political poetics, the spit argued: alcohol or tea, Yin Song on the wind. Every sacrifice to Ancestors, Shou Dan festive day, please come to Yunnan opera star of the stage singing performances water. Whenever this time, according to hospital Candle's high, wind around cigarettes, firecrackers Qiming, Ruiqiyinyun, orchestral string and wind, all night, a few days, the extraordinary excitement!


The whole building is the former group for the three-room flowers , Left for the Miss "Xiulou." Hua Ting is a former Garden, about the confrontation through air Huaqiang, will be separated from their natural for the Park East and West Park. Garden covers an area of great before being Hechi, trees, nursery, garden spread the meantime, the formation of both a rich and typical local characteristics of private gardens in the South.
  Zhu to spend Represented by the Vernacular Architecture is the ancient city of water to a component of it outside the show with Blair, structured shapes, layout flexibility, the space a rich, progressive levels, the environment quiet, elegant colors, there are renovation, the structure of a unified, rich in Inclusive in the form of a deep cultural connotation of culture and the Mainland is a combination of frontier culture Complex, the construction of high artistic value. Experts and scholars to study construction of water, so that the enormous scale and well-preserved residential buildings in China is rare, given higher evaluation. Former State Secretary for Cultural Heritage Sun Tieqing brush also wrote: "Zhu hall, gorgeous residential, tourism and opening up, building a water-qi .

Zhu from the Garden has completed nearly 100 years, as a result of several not be copied, and after the liberation of several diversion for a long time not been any improvement. Jianshui County Government in 1990 to recover Zhu Garden, has invested more than 180 million of its overall maintenance. 1998 0, Zhu Garden is listed as the first phase of the province quality tourism projects, and 8,200,000 yuan into the past to carry out a comprehensive repair and reconstruction of the garden, only to re-make of this century Old Hall full of glorious history.

  Now, Zhu has become a set of residential gardens, ornamental, tourism, entertainment for the whole There is a certain level of the scale, there are taste and rich culture of quality tourism attractions. County, in particular in the tourism sector to use the original architectural features of a large number of rooms, from four hospitals in the courtyard of the production, "Mei Museum", "Lan court", "Yuen", "Ju Yuan" A total of 28 guest rooms as For visitors to stay First-hand experience of daily life in the Qing Dynasty. The room beds, chairs, tables, chairs and lanterns are used praise purple wood carving embodies the style of the Qing Dynasty: the door and children's apparel and Miss guides guests to receive money-etiquette, there are people outside Huangruo hundred years ago the history of life Feelings: Tour homes in the Qing Dynasty, the garden Youmeng Red Chamber - a move some Chinese and foreign visitors welcome.

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