Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Luoma Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoma Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suqian City Central Luoma Hu modern eco-agriculture demonstration zones, by the Suqian City People's Government in April 2002 approved the establishment of the municipal agriculture demonstration zones. Demonstration Zone is located in the northern city of Suqian City, Xinyi River to the north, south to the Grand Canal, east of the new Shinjuku Highway, west Luoma Hu, with a total area of about 90 square kilometers.

  Demonstration Zone has a good ecological environment. Water and soil in an advantageous location, abundant biological resources, Shan peaks which surrounded by forest protected areas, wooded and beautiful environment for the development of modern eco-agriculture provides an ideal natural conditions.

  Demonstration area with 400 square kilometers Yan Bo Luo Mahu linking the vast, winding shore of Lake 20 km north-south line running through. Luoma Hu perennial water 1,000,000,000 cubic meters, up to the national water quality standards II. Lake pleasant scenery, abundant clean water, both for the development of eco-agriculture demonstration zones to provide high-quality and reliable water source and is also eco-tourism, leisure tourism A very good place. Demonstration area close downtown Suqian city, sea and land transport facilitation, communication power supply facilities, industrial and financial services faster. With the central cities of the North expansion, the development of the demonstration zone will provide a more favorable environment for soft and hard. Luoma Hu Wan-building modern eco-agriculture demonstration zones, is Suqian city In the city to speed up the development of modern agriculture and step up ecological construction by the city to take an important measure for farmers and enriching the people is strong, an important way to develop the economy.


  Modern eco-agriculture demonstration zones. Located throughout the demonstration in the central area, covering 66 square kilometers. The function of all six The park features a model posed. : Aquaculture Demonstration Zone; demonstration area pollution-free vegetables; Ganxian Guo demonstration area seed demonstration area; livestock breeding zone model; processing of agricultural demonstration zones. Suqian City Central Luoma Hu modern eco-agriculture demonstration zones are agricultural development and eco-tourism, leisure resort ideal, this A land of hope and opportunities for eco-Land.

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