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Mission Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mission Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunnan to build in the water, a Mission Hill, the ancient village recently attracted the attention of the world, just as it was included in the 2006 commemoration of the World Heritage List of construction. Has been preserved ancient village, is a preserved 19th century village in South Yunnan style with the traditional characteristics of the human environment of the original eco-villages, is a The living legacy of a rare state.

  In 2002 the world heritage monuments list of the Tea-Horse Road on board the Temple Street, Tea Horse Road is the large number of ancient market, the only survivor of an ancient bazaar, once unknown ancient city, now become a ALICE set foot in many places. Mission Hill: the original ecology of ancient villages

  Yunnan to build water from the West to 13 km, Pianpian through the paddy fields, asphalt road into a rock and soil into the road and then across a small stone bridge, then into the ancient villages in southern Yunnan Mission Hill Road, winding earth .

  Here, there is no noise Main Street, there is no rush of pedestrians only in the big tree lazily basking in the sun, water sorption chimney of the elderly, as a result of a stranger to see all of a sudden stop and frolicked, as alien as surprised to see the children, carrying a golden straw From Shanshan, passed the peasant woman, gathered not far from the entrance tower of stone on the stage, sit chatting Villagers. 600 Over the years, they live and multiply in this quiet land, and perhaps never thought that he inherited Bingzu home one day become the world's attention legacy. Mission Hill is the oldest residents of the Yi, Mission Hill in existing buildings by the traditional Han Tetraena brick compound, Yi Zhang Yi Han Housing and the combination of palm-watt light soil composition of the three types of housing, reflecting the multi-ethnic ghettos unique architectural and cultural characteristics. The appearance of residential areas and do not attract much attention, but inside the exquisite wood and stone carvings are beautiful and unique, and Shi-Shu calligraphy and painting decorative wood and stone carving small, gas rich text, rich in architectural level, the beautiful profile. Garden, Zhang Mission Hill on behalf of the main residential areas, and the General Office, the great bounties House, the House scholar, Paul House Commission, the Housing palm land are residential buildings on behalf of the Southern Yunnan is for.

  In hundreds of years of wind and rain erosion, in the Mission Hill Middle Kingdom, the exquisite carvings of animals, flowers have been contaminated with a thick layer of dust, inscribed in the room column Windows on the famous calligraphy and painting, has been turned into a bleak gray ink and paint residue. Zhang's peak at the garden flowers smell is not the end, the mistakes of the past gold jade carving under the eaves, an empty nest Swallow, is clearly "empty nest also dump" itself. Yi Mo lightly carved doors and windows, it is like rain chronology of wood floating . However, the "gold expensive than wood," those delicate, rich, complex Geshan door, so that a craftsman who spent nearly 10 years of effort to do a good job only 4.

  Village group of ancient buildings has been able to retain complete, construction experts say, because: Mission Hill hillside, the terrain higher; building Using research materials, fine work; together inhabited for generations. Many of the old house of wood more than 100 years, despite the wind and sun and smoke, still immortal, and have not been moth-eaten. Village group of people, said: "This is our ancestral passed down from generation to generation, it is not easy."

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