Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nu Liusuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nu River canyon wall hanging cliffs, deep sink lofty, such as the surging river valleys of wild horses in the Pentium. According to legend, a pair of cross-strait were living in the Nujiang Lisu lovers, can not meet the distress, inspired by the rainbow, pull up the Nu River on the first Liusuo. Since then, such a convenient means of transportation will be on both sides of the Are widely used. Liusuo on the Nu River, there are two - slip-and steep slide. The two slip-Liusuo as high, the greater Jiang Ping, and from all over, but after a river Liudao arms exert oneself, to climb the other side. Steep slide a certain inclination, a high and a low natural slide on the other side, very light. A steep slide Two are, the tilt in the opposite direction, back and forth all effort. For security, in addition to the construction slipped Liusuo itself, there will be a piece of hardwood or bamboo slip into the plate and a bolt of hemp rope at the waist. Liu Suo is a need to have the courage, when you put a life line in the not too rough on the rope, when you look across a Dizzy all the canyon, when you hear that Liusuo under the deafening roar of the river's voice, would not mind a bit Qieyi give birth. When you see those men, women and children in the River to easily slip on the surface to fly, especially those with children Mother, carrying a goat finishing together, "from heaven", not for their Impressed by the gas. Goto nothing to do Liusuo easy to wear and tear, so for a period of time (two to three months is short, no longer than one year) have a replacement. In other words slip, the two sides each a big effort, first tied one end of the Diaoyu Xian one of the two sides throwing stones, stones in the river two to be together, crochet, then slowly pull-off Shore. Then the fish line into the thick hemp rope, and then when Liusuo fixed at one end of a slip of the shore a tree or a pile, then the other side of the line in the rough hemp rope pull over to the other side, fixed on the other side of the tree Or slip on the pile, paragraph by paragraph with a wooden stick and twist tight-for-slip is complete. Today, the Heng Jia Nu River Bridge on more and more Liusuo but not from the stage of history. Nothing has been turned into a cable wire, slipped boards have been replaced by a pulley, Liusuo more and more security. Some local people have become Liusuo exercise and entertainment. Some families with small slip-off, Fun for all. Visitors from afar can feel the air, this The breathtaking slide.

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