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Cheung Mountain Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheung Mountain Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheung Mountain Forest Park, located on the northern outskirts of the city of Suqian. May 1997 from Jiangsu Province, named the establishment of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry. In the same year on June 8, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission Zhang Zhen Park for the park were written.
The park is a combination of natural and human large area, 7 km from the city center with a total area of 10,450 mu Places (to move) new (Yi) highway through the territory. Range upon range of hills here is a hilly Tsui Diego's post, the highest, 73.4 meters above sea level (for the most urban areas). Rise amid ups and downs in the territory, vertical and horizontal gully; clear water of small lakes, secluded ancient forest, with the formation of specific scenery, known as the "Jiangsu's Xishuangbanna." 4 km to the west that is smoke Luoma Hu's vast landscape matched, particularly enchanting. Park has 6000 acres of forest, 70 species of trees, natural grass all over the Hill asked more than 100 kinds of wild animals. View high, Huguangshanse, what's new for the city, Tahara panoramic scenery. Eight well-known in Suqian? Quot; sambong evening light, "" Drunk on grapes, "Second in Keng park.
Park scenic variety, and the New Stone Age of the Western Han Dynasty period of cultural sites; have Tang and Song dynasties ancient and the modern battlefield, "Battle of the North places," the site; there is a beautiful and moving past the myth of legend, the entire scenic given more inspiration.
Jiangsu Province by the forestry Richard Design Institute, highlighted the forest from the Wild's point of view, the garden has a large-scale amusement park, water park, Sin beach, the zoo, education, youth centers, attractions, travel more than 40 points. The comprehensive profile of the park, there are three characteristics:
First, the charming landscape beautiful

Cheung Mountain Forest Park in the south to the grass, flat open, fragrant grass carpet, the entire hillside, like a green sea grass, dotted with Hong Kong in Full of wild flowers, as if Saibei grassland. There are three high in the central hills, the terrain ups and downs, there was a hill stream flowing water to connect with each other as the three small lakes, Huguangshanse, Gangnam-like scenery. Continuous ups and downs of the hills, the natural growth of the jungle, the strange mixture of rocks in the valley between the cliffs, to create the face of Taishan, Mount Huangshan is a sense of beauty. Park in the north for a gentle slope, vertical and horizontal gully, during which the slope, flood land, bamboo, fruit orchards, farm vegetable bed, farmland, Cuolayouzhi the wind Different, as is fantastic for the Peach Blossom Spring. Eight in Suqian? Quot; sambong evening light "on the scene in a park in the territory. Sambong refers to the three Taishan, such sighted sambong beads together, when the setting sun Return, Lin He dyed to do, so beautiful. Douyan customer, Mr." evening glow sambong "A poem describing scenic spots here:" The north has Maling Taiwan, after the rain clouds open on all sides; ramp on a limitless, Mid-levels Tsui to send clear in the future. "
Second, the endless forest landscape Wild
Cheung Mountain Forest Park ancient trees verdant, with the specific mountain, water, ditch, gully male silkworm toot Marco Fu Min ?? Greek Japanese fear a little relief ?? ? edge ?? sodium guillotine S Vitex armed Yin Jian Jing iliac ?? source ? Eyicuibei Huixiemuyin Jiaozhijiushi ?? Wei Weng Yu ?? farm quail ?? braid blanket Xianpobofan I am afraid T brag bad Lailang Jiaohantuijiao Greek law ???? blink Yunshahuwu veranda ?? Ze Yi unloading sand ? groom converge ?? ?? restore the buck-fed ?? S flattery Beng ?? take along with vast elf ?? slovenly ? Cho-Yu Zhong ?? Tae quail reeling anxiety if ?? proud of Education aims to cleanse screen ?? Chung-chiu chronic disease ?? ridge sink T? 0 0 vast acres of forest, and another piece of film Sang Yang, Yu Liu, Metasequoia, bamboo, pears, apples, hawthorn, peach trees, grapes and other fruit trees and timber trees. Throughout the year, different scenery; Qiushi Chunhua, fragrance garden. Immersive, can not help but have a "return to primitive nature" feel.
Three, Wen landscape deep inside
Park, a major event in the ancient ruins, many of the site.
Park Reservoir in the New South, three on the north side of Taishan, Soong camp site. According to historical records: Huizong and announced a four-year (Year 1122), Kim Han Shizhong Shuaijun with the PI Hsu places are Ma Commission on Long Zhan Wang Between places. Gao Yan Song Jian three years (Year 1129), and Han Shizhong Jinbing Marshal Zonghan fighting back Suqian Han, Jin heel later. Shaoxing 2006 (1136 AD), Han Shizhong attack Suqian, big loss-control Huyan Jinbing, will be making excessive demands on their Occlusion Marco Viola. Song Ning Zong Kai Jubilee 2002 (the year 120 ), Liu Wenqian Shuaibing command to attack, it maintains the Jinbing Suqian, which is also a negative. Old Ying Shan as a result of base, around 5, stand like a wall on all sides, there are high sambong, such sighted Lianzhu. In the Battle of the above, often it maintains Song Bing, named Song camp, and then gradually changed to Old Ying. Old Ying to the west of it is not far from a base, according to legend for Song Jun Grain drying meters, the meters, said city drying. Old Ying in the middle of the North-South Road, Yingkou old said.
Hope Hill south of the red army has possession of holes. Legend has it that when Korea Emirates Gaisu Wen Tang Lvbing invasion, Tang repeated to keep fighting, the bandits had an in-depth Kou hinterland. Tang Ling Bing Xue Rengui will be in the possession of the spy hole. To Kou, Rengui all of a sudden attack, the enemy MA wiped out gains. There will be here in the vicinity of Taiwan, left Taiwan. Taiwan will be legend Xueren Gui is the point of sending troops to fight before the high-profile; pot frame Shan Tang Jun is the site of the cooking pot; Ao Hill is the son of local people to share Tang Jun pancake place; left-Tang Jun Taiwan is a place to eat . At that time, for domestic water wells Tang Jun 7 I (now found that 6 in which a more complete).
At the north end zone at the junction of a site, Qingdun fine-sounding name. According to the 1963 "area Huaiyin archaeological investigation": Qingdun have more than one meter thick layer of Han culture, there is the following one-meter thick layer of the Western Zhou Dynasty, an area of about 5000 square meters. Park in the north-east side at the junction of the Western Han is a site of the ancient city. The ancient city of the north is cool homes, according to legend in the Tang Dynasty for the intruder to Gaisu Wen camp. On the west side of the ancient city in 1996 unearthed a coffin ancient, there is Guannei helmets, Hu Xin Jing, Tie Jian, copper teapot, and so on, fully demonstrated here for the military fight the ancient land.
The most famous scenic spots in the northern district of Beijing University is a residential site Zuji Zhan war three Taishan. In December 1946, Chen Yi in the East China Field Army, under the command of Su Yu, the campaign launched by the North places, the reorganization of the Kuomintang annihilated 69 Shuai three and a half in the first division and a brigade, including more than 21,000 people, created a war of liberation in the early National annihilated Shuai regular army reorganization precedent. The three took place in the Zuji Zhan Taishan is the North places an important part of the campaign. Even with a strength, with three of the Taishan favorable terrain, the enemy blocking a reorganization of the 5th Division crazy attack to ensure the smooth progress of the Battle of the North places. Check in at 1,000 annihilating enemies, become less of our army in order to win more Well-known examples of its historical heroes have been manned military history of our military. The three also in Taishan site Zuji Zhan became the revolutionary tradition of education and who tour for the well-known memorial.
Park area, there are many myths and legends, such as the Eight Immortals, Zhang fruit relics old donkey chasing, Guan Gong and three Taishan, white sand Bao Jian now, and so on, these Not only beautiful things lively, and have their own sites or real to be found. Virtual actual fact, the beautiful and moving, fully reflects the rich history of working people's spiritual world, from generation to generation reflects the aspirations of the people better.

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