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Hongze Lake Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hongze Lake Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hongze Lake Hongze County, Jiangsu Province, located in the western part of the development in the middle reaches of the Huaihe River alluvial plain, used to discharge the poor low-lying land, after many of the small pool of water into a lake. China's Qin and Han Dynasties era, they called the "Fu Ling" from Lake. Among them, the largest Hongze Lake, covering an area of 2069 square kilometers of China's five major freshwater lakes in the fourth-largest Lake water.
  Hongze Lake Gucheng broken kettle pond. In 616 AD, under Emperor Jiangnan, which comes at a time when severe drought, Zhou has been very difficult. When the dragon boat after a broken kettle pond, all of a sudden heavy rain, gone up a boat trip smooth. Yang Di letter, thought Qitian Hong-fu, the mighty Enze So the break Pool pot changed its name to Ze Pu. Hongze Lake of the beginning of the Tang Dynasty.

  Hongze Lake of the whole shape like a swan's head Zhanchiyufei. As the Hongze Lake in the development of low-lying land on the alluvial plain, the shallow lake, low-slope, above the lake in the eastern plains of North Jiangsu 4-8 meters, to become a "hanging lake." In previous Huaihe River, flood Wang Yang a lake, there is no fixed shore of Lake nor certain shape. In the light of the Huaihe River harnessing, the Hongze Lake have also been training. Now the lake in the eastern embankment 50 meters wide, a total length of 67 km, with almost all basalt stone into the article. From afar, just like in a lake along the Great Wall of Water. This is not Long Beach To protect the lower reaches 10,000 ares of fertile farmland and thousands of villages and towns Block, and the wealth of storing water for shipping, power generation, irrigation facilitated.
  Hongze Lake is a shallow-lake, the water depth in general less than 4 meters, the largest water depth of 5.5 meters. The source of the lake, with the exception of precipitation, mainly by river water. The river inject Hongze Lake on the lake's western region, the Huaihe River, Sui River, Ontario and the Bian River, and so on. Lake of the river Sanhe in North Jiangsu irrigation and drainage of the total is at Hongze Lake and Yangtze River into China's major rivers into the sea.
  Hongze Lake rich in aquatic resources, Lake, there are nearly 100 species of fish, carp, crucian carp, bighead carp, green grass, silver carp and so on the main The Hongze Lake is also famous for crab. In addition, the Hongze Lake's well-known plants. Reed almost across the lake, lush Department can not even ship navigation. Lotus, the Gorgon, that is, water chestnut in the history-renowned, there have been "head, the water chestnut half pay."

  Ze Lake Dam was built in Han Jian-five (200 AD), by Gordon Chan Guangling Prefecture presided over the building, at the beginning of 30 years, only "high-Jia Yan." Ming Yongle, the Governor in Shiuan Wan pier Wu Xing Zhi Zhou bridge between the public Xiudi Ming Wanli, the river channels Pan River Quarter trainer will be extended to build dam Jiang, the basic Hongze Lake levee held. For the beginning of the levee soil , Brick after brick embankment to do, Dandi. Dandi from the next eight years Wanli (1580 AD) built in, both before and after going through the Ming and Qing dynasties would be a total of 171 years of basic concluded. Dandi use technology foundation. Article link stone, iron bite the title of the anti-wave method, in accordance with the natural flow of waves of anti-waves and waves principle, to build more than 100 into a corner Nerita twists and turns of Long Beach. At the same time in the embankment to build online "benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, the letter" by the five dams to flood water.
  Dandi more than 100 full-length, the majestic spectacle, as if the "water of the Great Wall." But for hundreds of years, during flood season, as the upper reaches of the water and under the flood discharge capacity Chau hanging a lot worse, the dike repeatedly outburst To the Island under the devastating disaster. In 1950, Comrade Mao Zedong issued a "must repair the Huaihe River," the call, after 40 years of effort, a series of large and medium-sized irrigation water and the spillway construction, irrigation and other projects, such as Sanhe, the Sluice, high-Jian Liang Jin Shuizha , The hydropower station, the double-track ship lock, etc. Winter in 1966 and the removal of the original stone works in the construction of a welcome increase in the lake 50 meters wide and 14.5 meters high wave of anti-lin of Taiwan, with old stone embankment be built Toru slope protection, tree planting 40 million trees, replaced by Di Jiao Shi Tanzania build slope, Tiding along on a thorough and Shek Pik. Foolproof security for the levee, in 1976 the winter solstice in 1978 , On the eastern side of the embankment construction of additional 26 meters wide and 13.4 m high embankment of the secondary units, also filled week of the bridge, two high-Liang Jian Tong of the deep, the embankment is now truly become "impregnable" and "water of the Great Wall."
  Jiang from the county seat to the dam along the Long Beach, 50, has many scenic spots and historical sites, such as high-Liang Jian Qing Um, ship Dadun exit the island at the time of the three countries have a general DENG Ai-Chi Yin Ma site, and then forward a Kowloon Bay, Zhou Tai Tong Bridge, Yubei Qianlong, the roller dam (that is, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, five-letter dam) , Temple HUANG Gang (Junji Jinshi years, the spirit Parnassus were cases of Wang Yu-yang has come to see Temple sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, aroma full house, want to effect U Cheng Nga Chap of kiosks, was invited to Lakeside seven poet Temple Songs poem sweet-scented osmanthus), Sanhe and so on. Hongze Lake is now planted trees on both sides of the East River to waver want to fly a dragon, which the People's Bank of China, covered the "vast cloud Yanlong small waves, air Meng Yuan heavy rain into the color."

  Qing Emperor Kangxi years, the big Hongze Lake When completed, nine cows had cast a chicken for two tigers in the town water. Today, tiger, no trace of the chicken, Tieniu still "alive", but only five. One of the two dams in Chiang Sanhe Management Office, two articles in the parks and high-Jian Liang Jin Shuizha, in a high-Huaiyin Dam. Tieniu Department of pig iron cast, with the exception of horns have been incomplete, as well as some of the Wen corrosion, while remaining relatively well-preserved. Tieniu length 1.70 m, 0.57 m wide and 0.68 meters high, 0.07 meters thick piece of cast iron and cattle as one body, weighing about 2250 kg. Niu shoulder rib Department, who cast a regular script Yang Wen inscriptions, inscriptions read: "However, Jin Kemu possession of dragon, but home-made water Snake down, rhinoceros cast for the town of Dien Huaiyang, reported that Wu Huang Yong debug pad. "From the inscription that the tractor is used to water the town. According to historical records, many times in the history of Hongze Lake levee break, only Year 1575 - 280 years in 1855, more than 140 breach. At the time of the Qing Dynasty in addition to the construction workers gather outside, Casting is scheduled Tieniu, with a view to the town of water, removal of flood victims. 40 years of Emperor Kangxi (1701 AD), Zhang Sima Suining equal to the Dragon Boat Festival Day in the high noon start casting Jian-liang, had planned to 9, after more than material, the cast was 16, after the cast Tieniu split in Hongze Xian Gong Lake Dam to the paragraph. Kameyama, also known under the Kameyama. Sea is located in the Huaihe River, the lake on three sides and Shek Pik on the one hand and connected to the land, shaped like a Turtle, Fu Fu exports into the lake in the Huaihe River, Huai Yun is the diversion of natural fish head. Hongze County from the southwest at about 80 Wa Lane. Legend has it that Yu water, three to Tongbai, were Huai-water vortex Mask Dance Drama Qi support, and locked up in Hill's foot, before an Huaishui. Qi branch of the well-known here, people also referred to as "jellyfish well." Han and Jin, who Kameyama county government, because of its natural barrier in the Pro Huaishui, history and more land for the use of forces. Kameyama it is also known as "Shan Army." Kameyama, when the Tang and Song Ling-Hui a tower fell across the foothills of the temple, the majestic Diange, blasphemy Huai , Tiefo, 500 Jin Liu, Rohan and so on. Unfortunately, the war destroyed. Gufengzhili Kameyama, the main hall of mid-stream, climbing Zongmu, Chang Huai thousands of miles, misty rain P Plus, panoramic view. Ancient famous for more than recite the tour. Song Mi Fu "Kameyama Wanzhong Temple," a poem: "The danger then Yunlou towering peaks, the setting sun shine upon the village of La Xia", a special New fan. Korean envoy Song Dynasty Pu Yin Liang went to visit Kameyama, "Kameyama had" Shi Yishou. Poetry: "Die Cheng Shi Jun rock mountain, under a Central Zhu water. Tayingdaochui Huai wave at the end of the bell off the distance between Pik. Hongtao table in front of the passenger and anxious, bamboo monk, free game day. Fortunately, a victory You deserve pity King, it also left a poem about weight. " This can be seen when the Kameyama prosperous scene.

  Tablets of the existing Kameyama two: an refurbishment is the Huai Jiajingnianjian the Ming Dynasty temple ditch water by water Mask Dance Drama Yu Qi and support Sizhou Huai trouble to build the temple. Another is a piece of Qing Dynasty, "Jian Huai-shift temple monument," Lishu for Yangzhou in the Qing Dynasty famous calligrapher wrote Ruan Yuan , Describes the main content of the capture of the Yellow River and Huai River is suffering from Lao Shan dock on the water, and other things.
  Mingzu Sipan tomb is located in the Hongze Lake of the Huaihe River into the lake Department. Sizhou Lake City were flooded, along with Ming Zu Ling has been engulfed in the lake are. Qibashinian on behalf of this century, to protect the tomb Mingzu, 3,000 meters embankment, Tomb of the septum from the lake, sank in the lake contains more than 300 spots of cultural treasures has become a tourist attraction.
  Ming Zu Ling, known as "the first in the Ming Dynasty Tomb." The establishment of the Ming dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor Zhu Zhuizun Bai Liu Xuan for the emperor, Chu Cengzu on April 9 for the Emperor Heng, grandfather for the first Chinese emperor Yu, and 19-wu (1386 AD) construction of the Zu Ling, Wing-lok to 11 years (1413 AD) Zuling completed. Hall of the original Zu Ling Shu, Kinmen, Yu-qiao, kitchen library, Jing Ting, Zaisheng, al fasting, straight residential rooms, home shop, Beiting, from the instrument, and so on, planting cypress 10,000, Shinto more than 250 meters in length, on both sides of the Point 2 pairs of columns, A stone statue 19 pairs, and fields 149 ares Festival, the scale of the event, momentum out of the ordinary.
  Now, visitors to a Ming Zu Ling, first of all to see that the 21 pairs of huge stone, at the top of the long sides of Shinto, the experts believe that these stone is a stone tomb in the Ming Dynasty's leading representative With a very high artistic value. Because of their long-submerged under water, less damage, as stone detail was clear and fine. Wen-Chen four pairs, wearing Mangpao, jade belt Yao Shu, call-hand chest, Wan Man-Xunliang; 2 pairs of military attache, then the maximum through a helmet, according to the sword in hand, eyes Yuan Zheng, Pomp. The remaining lion, unicorn, End of the horse, and so lively and beautiful design, fine carving, soft flowing lines. Kirin, such as who Moir�'s, hand made from brush and put on the V scute; Xuanwo Zhuang haired lion of Curly, the neck to bring the wind Piaoqi Hong-Ying; Ma Jing Shi on the number of small fishes can bristle, Faintly discernible body of the Handi saddle and the dragon and phoenix patterns, and so on, Is the absolutely beautiful work of art of stone carving. Group of stone from the north, the lattice is the Star Gate and the site of the main hall site. Department sites in the main hall has 28 sub-base stone, it is conceivable that in the main hall of the macro scale. Zhu Yuan dynasty, and Cengzu grandfather's Department said the mysterious palace buried together, we can see now there are three buildings of brick vault point, there is a positive 2 meters high and wide .2 M Shihmen three so far not opening. Ming Zu Ling Hongze Lake resort as an important component, is its unique style is attracting a growing number of visitors.
  Hongze Lake legend (nine cattle two tigers chicken) was used "two tigers nine cattle," Li Yu to, the Qing government in strengthening Ze Lake Dam when casting the "two tigers nine cows chicken," potential hub on the embankment in order to pray in the town water.
  It is said that when casting Tieniu, eaten the heart of this is part of the silver-looking, often at night people went to steal the fields of crops, when people come out to fight, fight Yigun its dual angle. Since then, does not know In only the money, picking Tieniu the heart of gold silver-looking, Tieniu can not keep up, losing the town water. Tieniu such as the size of the existing real cattle, both for head-knees, the cow may want to ask, Hantaikeju, recline in the 10 cm thick iron conjoined seat, casting fine, lively style, weighing about 2,500 public . Tieniu suprascapular Yang regular script engraved with the text: "Victoria grams of gold dragon-possession, the home-made water-dimensional Guiyi down, casting a rhino card Huaiyang Dien, reported that Wu Huang Yong debug pad. Xin Kang Xi afternoon has been cast on." Changed in the "two tigers nine cows chicken" Flying Tiger also has chicken run, only 5 Tieniu scattered in the wind Mu embankments of the rain. Today, this iron It has become the most popular people in Hongze Lake scene.

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