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Temple coming - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple coming - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Flying at the temple along the Yunnan-Tibet Highway, the county seat to drink distance de 10 km. It was first Wanli Ming 42 (Year 1614), now nearly 385-year history.

Temple covers an area of 1500 square meters flying, according to television because of Hill B is built. Ancient pine trees along the way out, mottled Riying Creek twists and turns, jump splash Zhu Yu, repeated claims made by the Bu Gu, Xu to the wind, Greenfield low-Ming. Mountain Gate couplet, "No temple, according to their lights, do not lock the Mountain Gate to be closed cloud," is imagination.

Temple construction scattered flying high and low, house hall echoed with trees and rocks, a lively scene. Temple-wide by Hall of children and grandchildren, Kwan Temple Haichao Church hall, HS, two ears, four-component side hall in a palace. Terauchi arrangement with the characteristics of the three-in-one teaching.

The most amazing thing is coming of the main building of the Temple - Church hall of the building tide carving art. Guan away from the temple up by 18 in addition to Taiwan on the tide into the Church hall. The two Dianqian Paulownia, Climb, bring out the extraordinary temple of refined. Dan Yan hall for the hanging Peak, the seven beam crossbeam lift married Miankuo-3. The whole beam, Liang Jia regular, large wooden garden structure, Yantou Lichtung simple, Yan Zhu Xu Mizuo remain a huge Zhu Chu, Block waist supper Department engraved with figures, flowers and other patterns of Carving patterns. Yan Xia Li soft wood carving, exquisite beauty, Dianqian fan frame in place, delicate lattice-like pattern, Diao Gong Xi Lian-versed.

Into the great hall, so dizzying. In accordance with the main hall of the mountain Zaocheng plane, with the formation of mountain Yibi still solid spectacular. Artisan carved on rocks in the tide of the hall eagle The main - Dragon King tide plans to send an unmarried woman. Plastic screen on the left there is an air of various Ocean's 18, right side of the plastic "Journey to the West" character stories are absolutely exquisite, life-Rushen.

Flying in the construction of the temple and named after a legendary story well: Jiansi when the original site at its present location two kilometers to , Has been expected to be available with all, it broke ground in the night, Zhu Liang, and other major construction materials were missing, the abbot monk sent Pursuit tracing. To find the site and found Zhu Liang according to the specifications have been erected, and no chu after the Basilica of the Hou Liang, from scratch thought it was Providence, then in accordance with the Providence Temple was built in the site, Zhu Liang coming as a result of self-reliance, its life as a "flying temple." Today, stand-temperature remote village temple coming to see, really want to have the momentum to fly. Dang overlapping mountains, dense forests, cloud-filled show in the temple, cut off clouds of mist position, and setting more of the same video, is really steep cliff Department Sendai production, B is Qionglouyuyu Yi. Lake Temple before flying a clear spring cold, according to legend this spring have longevity of the effectiveness of Advanced Wrinkle Reducer, Chang Yin Temple abbot and as a result of longevity, so that people are falling over each other in the mountains for drinking, but also leave with a few pots down the mountain.

Snow White Mang Peak is not snow all year round, like a transparent crystal of Yu-zhu-line blue sky, towering Armstrong . Wind around the mountain's snow-capped mountains of white clouds like a beautiful veil, but also snow-capped mountains has added a bit mysterious color.

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