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Yuanyangtitian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuanyangtitian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Honghe Hani Terrace scale of the event, the magnificent, the entire stretch of the Red River south bank of the Red River, Yang Yuan, and the equal Luchun County, in Yuanyang County alone there are 17 million mu of terraced fields in the territory, the Honghe Hani Terrace is the core of the area. Yuanyang County is the territory of mountains, all the terraces are built on the hillside, terraced slope of 15 degrees to 5 degrees. In terms of a hillside, terraced 3000 reached the highest levels, which in the terraced landscape in China is rare. Yuanyang Hani Terrace has essentially three major scenic areas: dam area, including up to Qingkou, all-Fu Chong, Ma Chai Li, Lu, and other main merging of the 14,000 hectares of terraced fields, scenic areas, including Lao Huzui Meng goods, tunnel - Ah Meng control, security, and other cottage nearly 6,000 acres of terraced fields, according to many trees, including many scenic spots in accordance with trees, love the spring, such as merging a roof over the terrace million. So many terraces, in the shade of the vast forest, the sea of clouds covered in long, constituted the magic of the magnificent landscape. These spots are currently prepared to declare the World Heritage Heart of protected areas.

Since the 1980s, Yuanyang Hani terrace of the rising popularity from Ailaoshan closed to the country, into the world. Domestic and foreign experts and scholars and tourists to come. In 1993 the first international seminar on Hani culture, China, Lan, Japan, the United States, Britain, Thailand, more than 10 countries visited on behalf of more than 100 wins all-Fu Zhuang Village Hani Terrace, the magnificent landscape of its deep cultural and impressed by the rich. In 1995, French anthropologist Dr. Ou also have access to Yuanyang Lao Huzui view of terraced fields, in the face of hectares at the foot of the terrace, Europe Dr. excited, refused to leave for a long time, he praised: "Hani terraced fields of the earth is a real art, is the real earth sculpture, and Hani is a true artist earth!" As long as the board Yuanyang, which just a mountain Top, you will see in the land between the full, such as the mountain from the sea is rough Tian.

  Yuanyang County home a total of seven mountain nation is more or less said to live according to the stratification of high and low elevation, 144 meters above sea level to 600 meters of the river dam area, mostly living Dai; 600 meters to 1,000 meters of the canyon area, for more than Zhuang live; 1,000 meters to 1400 meters under the Mid-levels, Yi to live; 1400 meters to 2000 meters on the Mid-levels, for the Hani residence; more than 2,000 m high mountain, mostly Miao, Yao live; Han Chinese living in more cities and towns along the highway and. Hani live on the Mid-levels, mild climate, abundant rainfall, with an average annual temperature of 15 degrees, on the whole year 1670 hours, is suitable for growing rice, the Hani from the Sui and Tang dynasties at a time when our ancestors entered this area has been cultivated rice terraces, in the years 1200, Hani into dozens of generations of effort, played a surprising wisdom Dauntless and planting terraces. At the same time, such as the Hani ethnic also played a huge Only the creativity, dug in the mountains to build the hundreds of articles ditch trunk, the backbone of the ditches have been built 4653, of which irrigation area of 50 acres above 662. All roads such as ditches silver belt, the mountains will Zuozuo tightly wound, large and small trench in the Qing down the mountains and rivers were all cut into the trench, so that To resolve the lifeblood of the rice terraces - the problem of water. Hani on behalf of dozens of people with life-long effort, the reclamation of thousands of terraced fields, will be introduced ditch drainage water for irrigation fields, mountains and rivers as a result of a long season flow, terraced fields can be full of water year round, thus ensuring the growth and development of the rice harvest. Hani terrace reclamation of the imagination is scared , With its mountain terrain changes in the light of local conditions, to Pohuan large field is opened up, then opened up a small Podou Oda, even under the rock crevices Goubian Hom, struggling to open all fields, which are large number of acres of terraced fields, smaller Only loop, often have a slope of thousands of acres. This constitutes a thousand odd landscape changing attitudes Great art and music to become a world-famous wonders of terraced fields.

Yuanyang Hani Terrace ancient times has always been a life full of dynamic large-scale systems, and today it remains the Hani people's material and spiritual life is all about. 166,689 acres of terraced fields in agriculture to raise the 336,971 I, on the mountain 63958.4 ha of forests to provide the people of the county's farmland and water for domestic use, the 4653 county ditch irrigation is still the main channel Qianshan Wan Ling on the terrace, which is Yuanyang Hani terraced fields of wonders Feature. It is not the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, the pyramids of Egypt, Taj Mahal degree has lost its function, such as monuments, like Mount Huangshan, and so on???????pure natural landscape, unlike the Qufu Confucius Temple, the Potala Palace, Lhasa, Beijing Summer Palace, and other purely human creation, it is Hani People with Ailaoshan phase of the harmonic blending of nature balances the harmony between man and nature complement each other's humanity Create that culture and the natural product of clever combination.

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