Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hai-Qing Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal singing poetry, is the Grand Canal in Suqian City with the portrayal of the scenery.
The world famous Great Wall and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the total length of 1794 km through the city of Xuzhou, Suqian from north to south into the city, after the city of Suqian City, from the northwest to southeast, Zhuangruowangong, meandering by. "Bow" back, a beautiful landscape, and this is the Grand Canal in Suqian City with scenery.

City scenery of the Grand Canal Zone, located in the urban centers east Suqian, was inverted "L" shape surrounded by downtown. Since the three North Gate Park, south to Route Canal Bridge, with a total length of about 8 km. Scenery with paragraph River distance 200-300 meters wide (30 meters for the local site) with a total area of 252.14 hectares. It is the Suqian City tourism landscape an important part of the system.

Luoma Hu to the north and the tourism resort and six ecological reserves River water system through the connected; commercial service in the central axis and night Maling , The Maling River area, Maling Park, North War Memorial Tower places, Paradise Law Center, contact with the ancient Yellow River scenery; in the south with the tomb of Yang Sihong, as the Monastery, the native place of Wang parks adjacent to the famous scenic spots. Excellent location and environment so that the scenery with all the Grand Canal has become rare in the beautiful riverside city landscape.

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