Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beijing Liao and Jin City Wall Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Liao and Jin City Wall Museum is located in Fengtai District of Yulin right outside the security area, is built on a gold in all water related sites on the topic of the museum site, on April 23, 1995 open to the community. The library building as a whole was irregular polygon, gray green wall, roof Huiwa to shop, city Duokou-Yan Xia decorated with a Therocephalia, looked as if Kim far on behalf of Beijing and the immediate return. The whole construction area of 2500 square meters exhibition hall, exhibition hall on the ground floor for water related sites. The entire site for the wood and stone structure with a total length of 43.4 meters, over 21 meters long culvert water, and 7.7 meters wide. The site is now found in China On behalf of the related capital water sites in the largest one, is to determine the gold and research sites in the capital of China's ancient architecture and an important water conservancy facilities in kind. Museum to display the basic "history of the development of the capital of Beijing" from "before the Liao and Jin Beijing", "Liao Nanjing," "King of all the wall", "Miyagi," " The layout of the city "," Water Transport of Grain "and" After the gold in Beijing "a few parts, the exhibition features Chen's heritage and history to introduce water clearance of the site was found after excavation as well as the construction of water related structures, the value of in-kind, photographs, Charts, and so on. Introduced the excavation site and research results, as well as gold in the all-centered Beijing's development history.

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