Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wanping City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Marco Polo Bridge in Wanping City East. Chong years to build. Wanping City, the city from east to west 640 meters, 320 meters wide north-south with a total area of 208,000 square meters. Beaconsfield town was originally called. It is a bridgehead, Beijing City Wall with similar construction. There are two of the Shing Mun. Duokou a wall around the outside, looking holes under Eyes, each has Duokou cover. Wanping was the capital of the Ming Dynasty under the jurisdiction of the Shuntian Fu Guo attached to one of the county, the arch-ching called a city. December 1, 1928 Wanping County Office moved to the Marco Polo Bridge City, a former arch. Arch very beginning that the city Wanping City. 1937 Marco Polo Bridge Incident broke out here. In 1984 the rehabilitation of the city wall, tower Weng Cheng.

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