Thursday, February 12, 2009

Seven barracks - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanyuan Airport in seven camps inside. Unmanning of the Qing Dynasty was, for God Nanyuan Airport resident camp. Feng Yuxiang in 1922 Beijing transfer any Army, the seven barracks for the Army Department. Beijing coup in 1924 to expel Qing emperor, here is the headquarters of Feng Yuxiang. Marco Polo Bridge Incident, when military forces here for 29. Seven of the existing barracks of the total construction area of 3912 square meters, to the South, hanging on the door, "the army so as to enable us to review the" important, the doors on both sides of the space of a guard, the door to greet the first row of barracks, for the combination of Chinese and Western Gothic architecture . The second, third, fourth, fifth row, for the repair of garden-style Qing Dynasty architecture, Soviet-style painting. For Taiwan area to protect key cultural relics.

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