Thursday, February 12, 2009

Naval Aviation Museum weapons - Chinese tourism scenic spots

People's Liberation Army Navy Air Museum, in January 1, 1996 completion and opening. The museum has been built to fill the gaps in services to a museum, and for the Naval Aviation universal knowledge, preservation of retired equipment, naval aviation equipment to carry out scientific research, play an important role, it will be On the masses to strengthen national defense education. Museum exhibition hall with an area of about 17,000 square meters, currently has 19 aircraft of various types, 6 anti-aircraft artillery, radar 2, a variety of torpedoes, cruise missiles and more, the trainer aircraft on display, transport planes, torpedo planes, fighters, attack planes , As well as the PL-bomber Missile, C601 missile, the police and various anti-aircraft radar 8 were developed by our country. Museum exhibits will be part of the aircraft in the audience and opening up, if you are interested in can also be manipulated by anti-aircraft artillery in person, to experience the fun.

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