Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kim is in ruins - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gold in both urban construction on the three-day Germany (1151). Wan Yan Xun Yu-ching to 2002 (1214) Bianliang capital (Kaifeng). In the meantime as the capital of the Jin State's total of 60 calendar years, but also in the history of Beijing as the capital of the dynasty began. In the capital in more than 37 weeks, nearly square, slightly Guzhi when Xuanwu District More than half of the Department. Xicheng District in the north wall of the sector within the South, south of about l, Fuxingmen Street. Gold in the direction of its sites are more or less yes, right out of Tiananmen Square along the moat to shore westbound Zuicun Phoenix, is the capital of the southwest corner, outside the yellow pavilion is the revival of the north-west corner; Cuihua in Xuanwumen Street is the northeast corner, Set outside the door gap is four road leads south-east corner. Shing Mun: Ren, Xuan Yao, Yang Chun, Feng Jing, Feng Yi, the end of ceremony, Lai Chack, Hao Hua, Zhang Yi, the City Council, Tong Xuan, Chongzhi 12. Fengtai District is the Marco Polo Bridge in the rural sector, the remaining west and south walls site 3: ? three Zuicun Phoenix home path for the southwest corner of the city, the residual wall 3 meters high Miangen about Bai Yumi, to the south wall of the canal should be moat remains of the Jin Dynasty. This is the gold in all of a larger site; ? Wanquan Si wall are two villages, together; ? possession of the first high-rise East Village section of the Western Wall. Rammed earth walls are, in order to focus on the protection of cultural relics in Beijing.

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