Friday, February 13, 2009

Park Wan Fang Ting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan Fang-ting Park is located in Fengtai District of Beijing Xi Luoyuan area west and south loop on the north side, an area of 10.6 hectares. For the beginning of the green, according to the research here is the chestnut million homes so that the villa where the ruins. Early in 1990, the Fengtai District People's Park into a decision by the Fengtai District of Municipal Gardens Bureau designed to create a good, the whole Paving, tree planting flowers, building park antique decorated archway door, antique houses and children's theme park pavilions, and so on, so to start in March, completed in July, was formally opened in October. Nancheng three-ring road as one of the few comprehensive park since its 1990 construction of the park early, so that the service will be positioned around the Residents of the surrounding residential area for people with a morning exercises, take a walk, activities. With Beijing's urban construction and development, Yang Qiao and the surrounding areas of the residential area is also gradually increasing, so far, about 300,000 people live here. In recent years, actively explore the park Single path of development, from the planning-based approach, gradually improve the park's facilities to improve the park environment. In addition to the park now have to provide people with experience like actual combat against the horse turbo shooting outside, there is a regular jockey club, you can provide full-service aspects of the horse On the west side of a park covers an area of 10,000 square meters of a large-scale water park, for people, especially children in the summer to provide a casual summer holidays. In addition, there are still some parks, such as sports fitness Square, bumper cars, inflatable castle, trampoline, and other children's play facilities. But Park and the park people, Some is far from enough, still needs to be done. Park is now time to pay close attention to building construction area of 2300 square meters, three on the ground, the ground floor of a comprehensive business building, and a wide range of investment. At the same time, Park Service has also been approved in accordance with the overall park planning, many find And co-operation to the next step in the development and construction, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and other projects. To improve the infrastructure in the park and surrounding environment at the same time, but also actively promote themselves and kiosks Park Wan Fang raise social awareness of the park set a good image.

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