Friday, February 13, 2009

Fan stone plate - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fan stone plate is located in Miyun County in the north of a 65 km Xiaogushan, Miyun County is focused on the protection of cultural relics. In the hills south of the Shek Pik engraved on the group more than 20 words, no long-term identification. In 1987 by the National Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to identify the experts: Shek Pik on the back of the word minority in the north line of text Of these, Sanskrit (ancient Nepali), the Mongolian and Tibetan, Buddhism is the text of the "6 mantra." Dongshan in the slope, there is a 2 m high and more stone, and Shek Pik on the eastern side of the stone engraved with a large fan word, the word more than 1 meter high, 30 cm wide, in order to Buddhism, "the tenth painting itself." The lettering here For the Ming and Qing Dynasties era.

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