Friday, February 13, 2009

Badaling Wild Animal World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Badaling Wild Animal World, a hillside of large-scale ecological park covers an area of 6,000 acres, is located at the foot of the Great Wall, Beijing - end of the Badaling Expressway, the new Great Wall of the large parking lot east Side. So far from the urban area by car takes about 38 minutes. Octopus World Wildlife Design has 30 scenic spots and a small reservoir, including the browsing animals District 20; a leisure resort: Fitness Zone 2. The size of the park there are 47 kinds of animals up to more than just the two (first). Park adjacent to the world-famous Badaling, letting nature take its course and the mountain carving Overlapping peaks range upon range of hills to preserve the original natural state. Although only separated by a wall, but beyond the Great Wall of Seneca points. Here large-scale, large population and a variety of free-range beast, multiplicative visitors tour the twists and turns in the 10-kilometer mountain road, watching from the nearby lion, bear, tiger, leopard Biao Han Feng Meng's figure; also In the area can enjoy a long walk Deer, zebra, monkeys and other tame animals, play with them; in the lush jungle, there are only a few of the rare white tiger, an eye-opener for people; everywhere Chan Yi of the ancient Great Wall, China is feeling the vicissitudes of history and culture The details. Shepherd was found by accident near annihilation of the Millennium Stone Buddha Sakyamuni, sit cross-legged on the Hill Natural Cave, the head chee unabated. Now, Buddhist monks for their re-opening, continue to bless the Great Wall at the foot of all mortal beings. Special know tips line: 1, the ticket price: 70 yuan 2, Address: County town of Badaling, 60 kilometers away from Beijing 3, the Tel: 69122591

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