Friday, February 13, 2009

Yanqing Road warehouse meters tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanqing Road tourist area warehouse meters, is located 90 km north-west of the capital. Here more than 1,000 square kilometers of China, Feng backwater to an elevation of 350 meters from the plate up to 1,500 meters, different scenery. Creation of nature into a large number of micro-climate zones, Meteorology Series, Xi Zhao-Hui Yin, nearly 1,000 have been planted, the forest coverage rate to as high as 80% . In the forest live in a variety of animal and insect species richness. Shen Kuo??????Secrets of the former ancient petrified wood, you have to wait for verification; Han Zhongli Lianhuashan his mother, leaving behind a much-told tale for a paragraph; Dang Zhou Yan Tian, like white clouds sail between; Barry roaming rice, aromatic Qin Heart ; Black and white Wu Chan, the total clear good and evil; drops of water enlightenment, Dong Tian Fang pot; concept of Qi Ling Xian Lin, Yan-Cooper; Zhenzhu Quan Zhu Quan Mid-spray; days eyes look out the door Guan Yan barriers; to buy a universal Ye Shan Zhen Peng , The simple folk-away order. Shen Lin of which you will feel the natural beauty, and the blue sky Clouds below, in the case of beauty, you will feel, is so natural and harmonious coexistence in the city to relax the tension of life, you would think life is so beautiful. Accommodation: Folk Village (60,191,087) traffic routes: 919 by the door Sheng Lu Yanqing Tourism Administration to get off to a reception center. Madian drive from the Badaling Expressway to the bridge under the Badaling high-speed dial City County to the north, and then see the traffic lights turn right ahead, the signs are 8 km northbound. Tel: 81193586,691827 7 fare: 30 Yanshan Tianchi, petrified wood ancient group of 20 yuan, Qi Ling Xian area 16 yuan, 20 yuan Canyon Oolong

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