Friday, February 13, 2009

Zhan Tianyou statue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhan Tianyou bronze statue of the Tsing Lung Bridge railway station in Yanqing County. Zhan Tianyou Anhui Wuyuan (this is in Jiangxi Province) people. Qing Zhan Tianyou Xianfeng 11 (1861) was born on April 26 counties in the South China Sea in Guangdong Province, the 11-year-ching Tongzhi (1872), to obtain public funds to the United States to study. Qing Emperor Guangxu 2007 (18 1) June, a graduate of Yale University Department of Civil Engineering, Sheffield Institute of Technology, returned home in August the same year. China's railway project to experts, one in 1909 presided over the 1905 construction of the railway, Zhang Jing, to the south of the Badaling section of Shan peak risk of arduous work, in line with local conditions "who" shaped line in order to reduce the The number of process and the use of "vertical construction" cut a total length of 1091 meters of the Badaling Tunnel, completed two years ahead of China's first self-designed railway. April 24, 1919 Hankow in Yan Chai Hospital died at the age of 59 years old. In the same year, the Tsing Lung Bridge station erected a bronze statue standing body Zhan Tianyou, 1 Zhan Tianyou and his wife of 82 years of moving in this tomb. By tomb reliefs and a half of the 9 granite stone with a white semi-circular white marble stone house composed. Under the mound for the grave, with its display of Zhan Tianyou, Mr and Mrs Tan Ju-zhen's urn. Granite tombstone is rimmed black marble, its Written more than 500 words, "Mr. Zhan Tianyou life." Zhan Tianyou and to build the memorial.

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