Friday, February 13, 2009

Cao Road Town camp site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cao Road Town camp site is located in Miyun County, Cao Village Road. It was an important juncture of the Great Wall, one of the four-way thistle Town Association, Miyun County, Xinglong and Chengde in Hebei to the roads. Wu Ming-hong here in the early years to build the castle, Wanli out into the city business. Shan city built, the city Week 6000 Meters, located east, south, west 3. Cao Road, with a total 22 customs Walled jurisdiction, control more than 80 km north-south border town, 58 Dilou management and security of the troops. Cao in the road 8 kilometers to the east of the valley and crossing, located in the dense, Xing, for the three cross-county area is a throat located within the customs. Customs and fort in the valley of the South West, a The Watergate special clearance "Five Tigers customs Watergate." Watergate East and West have the same customs of the two arched gate tickets, hole 3 meters wide, more than 6 meters high. Coupon inside and outside doors on each side of a stone head, Portal on the west side of the waterway, a stone Wo Hu is on Watergate, Liangbi inside the cave, there are 10 cm wide gate slot, the use of the customs gate dip Water system. Anderson originated in the Wuling Mountain Wood River, this entry by Cao Road, West flow in the Department of Chaohe. Hill riding a black wall and the southwest side of the valley Kwan's "Five Tigers Watergate on" preserving the basic integrity.

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