Friday, February 13, 2009

Zhan Tianyou Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhan Tianyou County Museum is located at the north side of the Badaling Great Wall is in memory of a railway construction in China's modern history have made outstanding contributions to the Patriot Zhan Tianyou and the establishment of special characters Memorial Hall, completed in November 1987 opening. Zhan Tianyou (1861 - 1919), East County in the South China Sea, China's railway engineering experts, China's modern history, an outstanding patriotic intellectuals. 1905 one in 1909 in Beijing, Zhang presided over the construction of railways, the development of China's railway construction hard early, life-long struggle. By the Memorial Hall to pay tribute, and the prelude to the Office of 3 display , Zhan Tianyou shows from the school, to join the railway construction to the Ming forces guarding the road, support the history of the Revolution. At the same time, the display dan God used his surveying and mapping equipment, appliances, seal, Zhang Jing and the Order of the railway construction, and other appliances. In his glorious life, "the study by the Do know, the country from foreign aggression in order to become a major on Earth ", on behalf tenacity of the Chinese people will never yield to the noble national integrity, never a model for future generations. Here you can understand our country's early Railway construction can also be felt as a Chinese Ethnic pride, which inspires us to rejuvenate the Chinese nation's spirit. Zhan Tianyou, we are proud of the Chinese people!

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